Yo, dudes!!! No, my name isn’t really Mongoose. That’s my school nickname. Anyway, I’m in sixth grade and pretty darn close to a through and through tomboy! I am LDS (Mormon) and church is the only time I really dress up. I play the viola (NOT VIOLIN!!!!!) and I’ll admit, I love being in plays. But who says acting is girly? I was in 101 Dalmatians as Sergeant Tibbs the cat, Annie Get Your Gun as Becky Oakley, and The Aristocats as Private Ssoise! Every one of my characters have been tough and- well, awesome!!! I love writing and may soon be a published author!!! 😀 I also love reading!!! I love video games, but I’m not allowed to play games with blood. I’m a tomboy, but I hate bloody video games, I’ll admit.  I love the Legend of Zelda, though! I love Old Norse mythology and Dragons. My tomboy friend and I hardcore believe in Dragons! We love talking about female warrior elves in Medieval stories. This may sound strange, but we believe we have elemental powers. I’m a Waterbender!!  🙂  I’m a HUGE Marvel fan and I LOVE reptiles and bugs! I have a Bearded Dragon named Elly and two Labradors named Trek and Rain. I hate cute animals, dolls (mostly because I’m scared of them), girly movies or shows, pink, dresses, Valentines Day, and romance. I love action, sports, animals, mud, giant dogs you can wrestle with, boyish and Marvel movies and shows, orange, brown, longboarding, Europe, words, Brave, Tron, people, singing, my bro and sister, and The Book Thief. My mama hates when I act like a tomboy, but papa doesn’t care. I’m mostly Scottish and love acting German. I’m so happy to meet more fellow tomboys!!! Later dudes!!!

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