Hey my name is Jess (short for Jessica) I’m 11 now and I just started 6th grade. I’ve been a tomboy since I was 9. The girls acted different and deserted me. The guys took me in like a wolf pack. Back then, girls acted guyish. But now, they’re so different. I love drawing! I hope to be an art teacher someday. I basically draw random characters from movies and games like sonic. I’m not addicted to video games but I really wanna learn how to skateboard. Anyone know where I could get lessons? Anyways, my older sister is a totally Barbie. She’s so girly just like my mom. They always try to make me wear dresses but they know what I like. My dad always excepted me for who I was. School isn’t doing so good though. Everyone has to make fun of me for who I am. I have basically 2 people that I can tell ANYTHING. My best friend Kyle. And my boyfriend Louis. I don’t get why everyone has to think tomboys are gay right? Well if you ever have to talk about anything like this, it’s me.

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