Hey. I’m Jess. I’m a tomboy! I wear tees, jeans, sneakers, and my favorite thing my beanie! I love running and art. I hope to be a art teacher.
I just got into the 6th grade and  it’s pretty tough. Not the classes or lockers or even teachers. It’s how I am. Everyone has to judge me for who I am. They call me gay, fagget, a guy, and ugly. It’s making me very insecure about me. I can’t go to my parents because they’ll just say ignore them. And if I go to the counselor or principal, everyone will call me a tattletail.
I don’t have as many friends as I did last year. Mostly because the girls changed and the guys are being total morons. Everywhere I go, YOUR UGLY! LOOK OUT GIRLS, ITS A DYKE!. I mean wtf? Not all tomboys are gay. I have a boyfriend. Even if you aren’t straight, who gives a damn! Always be yourself. Be different. If your straight, tall, small, gay, smart, skinny, chubby, ALWAYS BE DIFFERENT!
Sorry it’s long. Thanks for reading!

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