My names Destiny but i prefer Dustin. I use to be any average little girl, dresses skirts liking guys and not being able to wait to grow up. Now i’m totally the opposite I wear basketball shorts, T-shirts or bro tanks and hoodies and hats i don’t go anywhere without one, I love love loveeeee girls i refuse to date guys i tried  i’ve had about four to five of them just none of them felt right i thought i loved this one guy but i didn’t i love the way i felt with him, then i met this girl she was more of a guy i guess but she is now my girlfriend we have to keep it a secret cause we don’t want to lose a friend of  ours it sucks she wants to marry me and i wanna marry her i wouldn’t want to be with anyone else, since i found out i was “gay” i’ve been bullied i get called ugly, fat, turtle neck, etc. I get told i’m trying to be some of my friends and i’m not i’m trying to be happy when i was a “girl” i was anything but happy i went through rape, nightmares, purging, cutting, anxiety attacks, and more, i still go through most of them like cutting  my uncle raped me and my little cousin who was like a daughter to me it was his daughter how could you rape your own daughter? i don’t get it i told her she needed to tell someone or i was going too myself she said she couldn’t i now realise why… i told someone dcfs went to his house he denied everything she was scared she knew they weren’t going to believe her so she didn’t say anything of course they were going to believe him over a seven year old cause you know they make up crazy stories right? they left that night was the last time i heard her beautiful voice.. that was the last night he raped and beaten her she struggled she was scared he snapped her neck….  its all my fault if i didn’t say anything she’d still be alive she’d still be with me every night iloveyou baby girl she’d be eight now, that night will always drag with me with the bullying it kills me i’m dying inside and out but nobody sees it i just need help the help i can’t get…..

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