Hi everyone I’m cody and im 11 years old. I’m proud to say I’m a tomboy. I’m from Scotland and all the girls in my class are girly. I’m still friends with all of them but I feel like an outcast when I’m near then because they always talk about makeup and hot celebs. All the boys think I’m weird. I like sports such as football,basketball, running and my favourite sport dodgeball. at my school I am like the dodgeball queen. I love all animals big or small. I love to get muddy and my granda taught me to laugh at my pain because whenever I get hurt I just laugh. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE makeup it is disgusting and it hide your inner self. The girls in my class all say I’m going to be as girly as my disguistly girly girl cousin Megan and I always tell them I’m not going to be and they’ve all made bets how disgusting they’re betting about what I’m going to be like in the future. Sadly I’m an only child so im always lonely and I never met my dad and I have always lived with my mum and yet I’m still tomboy what a suprise I hate the colour pink and one of the reasons I’m a tomboy is because at my school all girls are girly and all boys try to act tough and to me that just doesn’t feel right. Thankfully I have an amazing little cousin WHO IS A BOY HALLELUJAH and me and him always go outside and play football or stay inside and play the Xbox. Megan is always trying to give me a makeover and I think she is a girly female jabba the hut. I’m allergic to watery eyeliner so that’s good because even if megan try’s to hold me down to do a makeover she still can’t do eyeliner thank god and finally don’t let people tell you who to be or what to be you’ll be yourself and that’s all that matters and they’ll just be ugly in there heart. Thank you 👍.

One thought on “Cody

  1. Heyyy whats up,okay i know how your feeling bro,i thought that I’ll never have tomboy friends but now i do it makes me feel bad when there’s a tomboy who needs a friend,if i could just be next to your side now doing fun stuff, i also lost my dad so i know whats going on

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