I’m 21 this year, and you could say I’m half tomboy, as for my liking to some girly things and some boyish things. I was very girly as a child. I wore dresses, danced about and sang, played with Barbie dolls, was into everything pink, purple, and princessy. I was also into playing with toy cars, playing in the mud at times making mud pies, and kept snails, worms, and slaters. I also always loved creepy things, and horror films.
As a kid I wanted to keep a baby tiger shark in the swimming pool we use to have, but mum said it will grow big and will need more space. (I now fear sharks due to a nightmare I had a long time ago).
There were times I said I wanted to keep a bat, a snake, a white owl, a wolf, or even a dragon, (though dragons are impossible to have, but I do wish they wee real. I love dragons with all my heart).
We were going to have a snake when we had pet mice, but that never happened.
I became dressing and acting less girly and developed a more male behaviour. I didn’t like being girly, I wished I weren’t a “weakling” nor a whimp, but that I can’t change. I came to find that I have an Anxiety Disorder, (also I’m Autistic, but some people think I don’t seem like it).
I rarely wear dresses, and when I do, I mainly wear pants underneath, though I may look a little silly. Shorts came out for girls’ uniform in High School when I was in year 9, and then I’ve been wearing them instead of skirts. Mum thought it was best because the way I sit was more…the way a guy sits.
Dad didn’t like me spitting when I was younger because he said it’s disgusting so I stopped that.
My parents don’t care what I’m into as long as it makes me happy.
I use to joke about being a boy that someone actually believed me and asked, “Are you really a boy?” I did say no, I’m joking.
When walking into the school one time, a girl behind me asked, “Excuse me, are you a boy?”
I had my hair dyed black and it was short, and I was wearing shorts then, too.
An old friend of mine was walking next to her and said, “That’s Cody, don’t pick on her.” And the girl asked, “Why?” And then she said, “Because, she’s my friend.”
I knew this girl in primary, her older sister’s my age, and nice, but this girl, was not nice. She was always mean.
A close friend told me I shouldn’t joke around saying I’m a boy because people are going to believe it. She didn’t like the fact I wanted to be one and that I had an interest in blood and gore, all this creepy.
Anyway, not liking to wear dresses and skirts, I was told is not really a sign that you’re boyish. It just means you don’t like to wear them.
Not all tomboys hate dresses and skirts and want short hair. Some would wear something underneath, like tights, and wear their hair long. avoiding the bright frilly colours and patterns, wearing only minimal make-up, mostly eyeliner, lipgloss, or lip balm.
Being a tomboy matters by the way you act than the way you dress.
I don’t even wear heels, but I’m ok with a pair of boots with heels. Plus I don’t mind the look of shoes, well, the more Gothic styled shoes I love as well as plain shoes.
I have two zombie shirts from the Men’s section I will be having for my 21st birthday. Funny though, mum had no idea it was the men’s section (at Supré), and then she wanted my sister and I over to the women’s, and we both agreed the men’s were better. So my sister got a Batman top, and I got two zombie shirts.
I do own a men’s flannelette shirt as well. I never really get anything from the Men’s section even though I really, really want some shirts from there. I do love some films that were more aimed for the male audience, and I also love Monster High and Ever After High. I don’t care if they’re aimed for the younger age, though the way they dress is more for teens it looks like.
I played video games since I could remember. I had a Playstation and a Game Boy, and now own an Xbox 360. I rarely play it. The last game I played was probably Skyrim. I’m not into Call of Duty, at all. I also love Alice: Madness Returns. I did play a bit of Halo when I was in high school, I absolutely hated team sports. I don’t mind a small group I know who is doing it for fun when not doing sport, but morons who act like it’s the damn Championships. Plus I can never stand the sound of a ball kicking, my heart jumps due to fear of getting hurt. I can never have fun without being blamed for getting out of the way. I fear a lot of things because of my anxiety.
I’m not purely a tomboy, but I guess only half since I still like, some girly things. I do suck at putting make-up on. My sister is a pro at make-up, but I never wear it. A few times I just wore dark eyeshadow around my eyes or something, maybe a bit of pink or brownish lipstick.
I use to have dreams of being a guy, felt as if experiencing what it’s like. Not long ago I dreamt I was in a play for Romeo and Juliet, and I played Romeo. I do have an interest in taking a male role, to pretend I’m a guy at times.

One thought on “Cody

  1. I hate skirt and dresses and like short hair i am also mean and i wasn’t that way until like I started school and was around boys and i was like you know alway attracted to them and They never really thought it was weird because it was not its just what i like I love videogames and am obsessed with any kind of music i dance (hip hop and break)I love snakes and reptiles get good grades and have wonderful friend people and i love sharkes and scary things. So if your a tomboy or even maybe a little you are awesome and be who you want to be and being a tomdoy doesn’t mean you are lesbien

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