Hi I’m cody and im a tomboy and proud to be one. I like being tomboy because I feel comfy being myself. I hate the colour pink but my favourite colours are green blue red and black. I love sports like football and my favourite sport is dodgeball. All the girls in my class are girly and it’s difficult not having anyone to relate to. All the women and girls in my family are pretty girly and I’m sorta the odd one out. At my aunties baby shower my disgustingly girly older cousin megan forced me too wear a dress and I was miserably for the whole two hours. I hate makeup it hides your inner beauty and another reason I hate make up is because I’m allergic to eyeliner. Sadly I’m an only child so I’m always lonely but I would love to have an older or younger brother who would play football outside with me and also play minecraft but to make up for it I have an amazing little cousin and he is like the light of my life I always love getting to hang out with him. I hang out with the girls but only because the boys think I’m a freak. The girls actually bet saying I was gonna be girly by the end of school and I’m just wtf what gives you the right to bet on what I’m going to be like in the future. I also get a lot of shit for being kinda small but all the people in my family are small and I feel like saying to them well what the fuck do you expect me to do ,grow you prick but im way to nervous about standing up for myself. I have read a lot of the stories hear and most of them say I like wearing boy clothes so that’s something I’m thinking about doing and finally don’t let other people tell you how to act they just have ugly souls and feel better by making someone else feel worse. Thnx for reading.👊 brofist (I luv PEWdiepie).

One thought on “Cody

  1. i real happy to hear from you. Im a tomboy for real and am proud, hence am a model of myself life. Big up to all tomboys. Have nice time my friend Cody!

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