hi, i don’t want to say my full name, but you can call me Clay. i’m 13 and going through this akward girly-ish to Tomboy transition. i was always a tomboy at heart, but since couldn’t commit to sports (i’d rather read or draw), i tried to be girly, when that failed i decided to try for at least a year the tomboy life, but thats hard ’cause my moms very traditional and believes that girls should look their best and serve their family, but i don’t want that. my family expect me to grow up like my cousins, who are successful and proper, but i want to live like a dud while still being a girl, which is much more fun than what my family wants. true i do try hard in school, and i dont swear and stay off social media, and I’m totally cool with that, and i even want to go to a good university. but my entire problem is my parents trying to mild me like clay (hens the nickname) into the perfect little girl, when i feel thats its a bit to late for that when they’ve been traveling most of my life so i live with nannies. and its even worse that my parents are trying to train me as a little housewife by making me babysit and act like the mom, when really i’d rather be playing video games . i know shouldn’t complain about chores, but they don’t make my brother do them even though he has been able to cook for a while now (and hes only 10). my parents would say that we have a good relationship, but thats only because i shut up so i don’t get into trouble when i want to argue. all in all i think my anguish is because they try to raise me like a little african girl, when was born and raised as a canadian hockey lover (i’m african canadian) and it desnt help that they make me move to africa in the middle of the best years of my life, i seriously almost went through depression and the age of 9. well its nice to rant for a longtime, sorry if it was long but i had a lot of stuff to complain about after 4 years of shutting up.

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