Hi, my name is Ariana. I’m 12 right now, and a tomboy. My whole life, I never wanted to follow “typical girl stereotypes”. I found out about tomboy, and turns out, I was a tomboy. I wear boys clothes and enjoy it! It feels so right. But, my brother and his friend continue to bully me about being lesbian. But, I truly am not! I ignored the comments and went off to school. When I accidentally told my friend I wore boys clothes, she freaked out, and said this; Me “So what if I wear boy’s clothes? It’s just a piece of fabric.” Her “But, boys clothes have boy colors.” This was rediculus. It took me a while to realize, she was being really rude, and it really hurt me, to know that my best friend that I’ve known for 3 years, was now against what I liked! I ignored her. I told my mom and she said “So what if she says you’re wrong? She’s wrong.”. So, to all tomboys who have gotten bullied… keep doing it.

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