Hey! Im Alex (short for Alexis) ive been a tomboy for as long as i can remember. I love to play sports and break with the boys in my grade. ( im in grde7. Im not lesbian! I am very muscular and i have a six pack. I love running, climbing trees and playing sports. I always feel left out by all the other girls. I do have some friends that are girls but the sometimes kinda turn on me and bully me. My other group of girlfriends are nice but they always talk about makeup and other girly stuff. I wear boys clothes and boxers. My mom thinks i should start wearing girlyer things. My normal day outfit would be my adidas soccer pants and a t-shirt from the boys section. My favorite store is nike. For some reason i just looo e shopping but only at sports stores.My teacher is a male he is hilarious  he is kinda cute and has two adoralbe kids.and one on the way! It felt really good to get this all out, and to read evryone elses stories and know there are others out there like meand once again no im not lesbian

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