Hey, im Jess. I guess that you could call me a tomboy. but the thing is, I have a sister that’s popular and pretty. my mom wants me to be like her when I go to a new school next year, and that’s kind of hard. I hear boys talk behind my back about me because I act like a boy. I just wear a tee, shorts or jeans, and any shoes that I can just slip on and go. I play gta, minecraft, super meat boy, Mario and much more. im also kinda strong. im always judged for who I am, and what I wear. the only people who respect me for who I am is my boyfriend, best friend and dad. im sick of being picked on for who I am. when I was younger I was more girly, and I picked on boys a lot. that’s because I didn’t know what they were into, so I rough housed with them, and found out they hated me. so I spent a ton of time alone, had some depression but soon found out who I was. ive gone through family losses this year, so I am spending a lot of time trying to figure out is this really me? do I want to always put up with this and if I change, will it stop?
I just want to be respected for who I am, and forget about the past.

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