Hello, I’m Elsana, though close friends of mine call me Elsa (still but im fine with it :^)) I’m soon moving into fifth grade, I like drawing a lot*, (I’m pretty good if i say so myself) and for all I can remember, whichisnotthatlong, I’ve been a tomboy. My mom always complains about me being a girl and how I have to wear ‘girly’ things, even though she well knows that I am a tomboy. Like someone said on here, I’m also a Muslim. And a special holiday is coming up, (Byram if I am spelling it right) and my mom always takes me shopping before it. Just yesterday we went to the mall, and my mom asked me if I wanted to buy a dress or a skirt, I said that i dont like those, and she should know by now. She said something about ‘knowing my style’ but I’m sure she doesn’t, and I’m sure a few tomboys out there could relate. Sometimes it can be hard for tomboys, like me. But some are lucky and their parents accept them for who they are. Hopefully my mom can understand.
*Even though I am a tomboy I have drawn a few girls wearing skirts and stuff yeah yeah and yeah I 99.9% of the time draw girls unless it is creepypasta, another boyish thing I like even though its not very boyish and im just rambling along o gee
:^) thank u for reading!!!

5 thoughts on “Elsana

  1. hiii i love a tom boy very very much this dsnt means i m a gey i have 100-500 frnds any almost 3 grfrnds now but when i see her my mind gets brust i leave my frnds ,gf and wander behind her
    culd you plz help me out for it i want to propose her

    really i m serious plzz rply

  2. can Any one help me i m dying from inside plzzzzzzzzz hlp

    if u r realy a guy, tom boy or girl then you should hlp me

    • Hey Prince, I am very interested in helping you with any tomboy issues you may have. As a tomboy myself, i know the issues we face and also because i have lived in different countries i know how difficult it can be for tomboys who belong to certain religions.

      I have started a youtube channel JUST FOR TOMBOYS. Where i will answer any questions tomboys submit to me. On my youtube channel i give advice to tomboys about various subjects like clothing, fashion, sex, relationships, self esteem, suicide, coming out, and so on.. I talk about all issues to help tomboys.

      I strongly advice that you visit my youtube channel and subscribe so you can watch the videos i will make for such issues to encourage and empower tomboys dealing with difficult issues.

      my youtube name is THENEWTOMBOY

  3. Finally anthor tomboy muslim,im also muslim i just want to talk to to you cause there is not much tomboys that are muslims

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