Whatup dudes, im a tomboy currently and 11 years old, so far i started wearing boys clothes like a month ago and i feel like where i belong but now my mom yells and we get into fights and big ones just to wear a stupid dress, I always win but a few days ago i wore a dress to Walmart… and i saw this tomboy wearing boy clothe top to bottom and hair was messed up, i was JELLY… i just wanted FREEDOM and i secretly wear boxers and take mud baths, and in my religion i need to stay with my gender and not wear clothe from the opposite gender, and lots of people ask if i want to be a boy ,and i tell them no but hell yes i want to be a boy so i don’t deal with these problems , i love cartoon network and regular show and like what boys like, I have 1 tomboy friend but wish i can met or be a friend with another tomboy, I think tomboys are rare and bye bye…


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  1. I feel the same way. It’s crazy because I have two other sisters and they both wear skirts and whatever but there’s me the one who would much prefer guys clothes like Nike and Under Armour like every boy in my grade but I’m the one always getting new skirts and not getting a hair cut ever so I can totally relate I’ve been a tomboy like forever but when I was little I wasn’t this awesome though but to be serious I have to wear skirts three days or more a week and that’s crap to me but to sum this up be yourself ,express yourself,love yourself and be calm and get your tomboy on!

    • I feel the same way . I have a sister and a mom that always makes me where girly girl clothes . My mom keeps on telling me that I do not have a choice.

  2. Same, my dad doesn’t mind that I wear boy clothes but ho let me tell you about every female in my family, they nag about everything thats wrong with me. I actually cried twice because I wanted to be a boy badly. My mum doesn’t accept me.

  3. I’m exactly like you I do the same things as you me and my mom fight so much I wear boy clothes sometimes I GET SO JEALOUS OF OTHER TOMBOYS AMD NORMAL BOYS UGH I hate being a girl. I’m forced to put in gross girl stuff I love video games and sports and getting dirty and superhero I’m 11 and I can relate to you so much. sorry for the long comment.

  4. I highly feeel the samewell I love my mom but I hate my dad he’s needs to head to an insane asylum I dislike him he hates my ways says I should be wearing mackeup and al this bunch of balloni I love who I am news flash dad I am awesome 😎 so deal with it Ba BURN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A few times I’ve been around that track Ain’t no girly girl I ain’t no girly girl yeah 😎Drop the 🎀 boom πŸ’₯

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