I need to rage, if anyone actually takes the time to read this whole thing, AMEN to you. (No religion reference, don’t get me started)

I’m tired of being a girl. I’m going into seventh grade and all the boys tease me for being ugly and… for being me. I’ve always loved sports and video games, and I can’t stand dresses, skirts, makeup etc and other girly girly stuff. Almost no girl wants to be friends with me. Every one is soo immature and I can’t hang out with another boy without hearing the classic. ‘Sittin in a tree, K I S S I N G’ song. I was at a camp the other day and asked the boys if I could play soccer with them… they gave me a look like I was crazy. But that last part does make a bit of sense. Every FREAKIN other girl there is like “OMG I got big breasts and I’m pretty and wear makeup marry me” and scream their heads off whenever they so much as see a bug. And yet they wear lipstick, which mostly contains of crushed bugs. ‘ Cause it’s everything for fashion! And now days I’m feeling discouraged just to do anything because all the boys are huge and naturally stronger than me. I don’t have much upper body strength, and I can’t pull my 12 year old 70 pound self up for a single push up. But I can do more curlups and run faster than any damn boy at my school (although I have no endurance) and I’m the star of my soccer team. But nooo, I’m a girl so I have to be treated like a little pussy for being one. And the thing is, I’m not happy with being a girl. I’d much rather be a male. You guys don’t have to worry about any breasts bouncing around, and you can actually take your shirt off without being embarrassed. If by some unlucky chance you get r*ped then you won’t have ANY chance of getting pregnant. And if that wasn’t enough, a study showed that the average female gets paid 72 cents for every man’s American dollar. You men just look at us as housewives and cooks, and I’ve given up my dream of being a food critic because of the way I’ve been looked at. Just writing this makes me cry for the first times in years. It’s so unfair, I’m tired of being called ugly and don’t you DARE in the comments be like “No ur just the average pretty girl!” Cause I’m NOT. I used to look and the mirror and think. “Is this really me? I don’t look normal”

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  1. I know how you feel and im not just saying that to be nice or make you feel better. My mom always tries to get me to dress nicer but shorts and tees are way more comfortable. I have always fit in really well with the guys and was always picked fairly early for team sports. Noone really gets my and even though im one of the sharpest knives in the drawer im frustratingly not the ugliest so everone expects me to wear makeup and dresses and skimpy strig bikinis. I feel sorry for the whole tomboy community for the pedjudice we face as a group.
    TOMBOYS UNINTED!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have the same problem but never give up on your dreams I want to be a teacher and I see no reason why you shouldn’t become a food critic (a very cool job)

    P.S I’m also going into the seventh grade

  3. When i read this, i feel crying too, i ever had my teenager stage (im 20) and yeah that was not one time i always happy about to tell. I don’t know what kind I am, I don’t like skirt n girly syalalalala thingy but myself is crybaby indeed -_- and nerdy n fat, but yeah it was hurt when we become ourselves then led to judgmental of others. People said “this is just a phase n time” and I would said “f*** it” but the fact yes it is. The phase and the time. You have no friends right there, but you always found in the place right here. When you can be yourself :)) b strong, tho it’s hard but you should, you can do that. Beat them with smile girl!!!! :))

  4. I absolutely feel you man. I just want to feel normal when the entire world drew a circle and left you on the outside. I don’t get some people if we were all the same then think about how bland the world would but yet people are still jerks about kids being different it makes me want to snap but you know what you shouldn’t have to change yourself for the world. If you changed then who would you be. You would be no one so keep doing what you are doing and keep pushing forward its people like you who help me get through this knowing someone else is going through what I am. Thank you for sharing your story

  5. I know what your going through. Everyone calls me gay and ugly. But I’m just plain ugly. I feel like telling a teacher but then they’ll tell the students they’re in trouble and blah blah everyone calls me tattle tail! I don’t know what to do anymore. 😦 but I just keep thinking just keep swimming! Please keep on with your dream! Just keep swimming!!!

    • I mean, honestly, gay shouldn’t be an insult anymore, the assumption of sexual identity should be. So by using the biggest words you can find, I have found that most bullies back off.

  6. You are definitely right, everybody can be jerks when you’re different. Hell, I’m a guy and I have more friends who are girls them guys. I’m mostly a loner, but it didn’t stop me from getting amazing friends who have my back. So basically what I’m saying is, ignore everybody else. If they don’t want to be friends with you it’s their loss. Don’t let others change who you plan on being.

  7. OMG my mom looks @ me really weirdly if i find something in the boys section. if you’ve ever seen the TV show icarly, i feel like a really awkward Sam Pucket. i hate pink and have a closet full of dresses THAT I NEVER WARE and i love snowboarding and baseball are some of my favorite pastimes. i also love blue and running. i love all things boyish.

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