Hi~! I’m uh 14 years old and a up coming freshman. I really like to draw read and well basically I’m a nerd or whatever. When I grew up I had hella long hair and dressed like a normal little girl with skirts and dresses and all that kind of stuff. But when I entered 3rd grade, these boys put like 3 pieces of gum I’m my hair and therefore I had to cut it up to my neck. I disliked it of coarse because people started calling me a boy. Over the time and the more I ignored those people I felt happier with my self and I kept having the same hair cut. During middle school was when I noticed I was a tomboy. I started wearing more jeans , sneakers, hoddies, tshirts etc.. I still so yeah. Um my parents did / don’t like me doing this, they want me to be like the rest of the world girls and wear make up and pretty shoes and blah. I mean I shave my legs…(does that even count??) Another thing was that….last year during 8th grade I was bullied. I was I track and I looked out to the events I had and they were in four diffrent pieces of paper. 7th grade girls 8th grade girls 7th grade boys 8th grade boys
I was looking at my events when this group of football players bump me and throw me to the ground, yelling out ” That’s the girls list not the boys you lil queer” . To set things straight, I am straight. I like boys. But I got so mad and frustrated that even in school this kind of stuff would happen. I mean I didn’t even ( sorry for the word ) do shit to those fuckers! I went to my English class like normal and we had reading time and my friend pointed out I was crying. I asked to go to the bathroom and I just let it all go in there. I was so sad and mad and frustrated that I couldn’t be my selves and the others could. I mean they say be yourself and then they start judging you! Eventually my teacher came to check up on me thanks to my friend telling her what happened. She hugged me and just really comforted me. See my mom nor my dad ever did that. So this felt really nice and I was just so thankfull. Till today I still am a tomboy I will always be. The only dressing I’ll be wearing is the one when I’m getting married xD!
But really to all you out there who are a tomboy and insucure and scared that people will judge you; they will but don’t let that bring you down. I mean live your life to the fullest please never ever EVER think about ending your life just because your diffrent. Wither it’s because your gay lesbian straight tall short skinny chubby lettuce ostrich…..wait no not that….anyway your are special! People just look for theist special people to hurt them and to make them feel like they’re not worth something. But let me tell you something. You are worth it. Your are worth it my friend. You weren’t a mistake you aren’t in a false time and stuff. Your Excatly where you need to be. You are here with the rest of us. We are friends.
And friends….don’t ever let other friends down. πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Anette

  1. Bro, I feel your pain about getting mistaken for a guy when you’re a girl. I have that happen to me all the time. I would cut their throats if one more person ever does that to me!πŸ”ͺπŸ”«βœ‚οΈπŸˆ‚πŸˆΊπŸˆ΅

  2. my real name is Victoria, but I prefer victor.
    dear, I know how you feel. I know what it is like for a group of girls to come up and make fun of you. the only way to put them down is by standing up and defending yourself.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you!
    I am a 40 year old woman, a tom boy all my life since l was a toddler. l happen to be a gay woman too. l am currently trying to grow my hair out as I feel so self concious. Tonight l went into a shop to ask about having a women’s suit made. There was too men there. One started telling me “I see you walking by everyday walking like a man”. He was trying to be funny in front of his friend. l was so hurt and felt shame. Why are some people so mean? Anyway, thank you for your comments, helped me accept myself x

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