Hi guys, My name is Alexus. I am a 12 year old tomboy. I have always liked wearing boyish clothes and I have many guy friends. My parents were always against me being a tomboy.I always wanted to cut my hair short but my parents never allowed me to.

One day, when I just started 5th grade I was constantly being bullied by the Girly- girls in my class. They would call me names and throw rude notes at me during class. I knew talking to my parents were useless so I went to the counselor to talk about what was happening to me. She said I didn’t need to change if people were asking me too. She told me to love myself for who I am and never change. I took her advice and started writing Inspirational messages on the wall behind the cupboard ,they helped me heal until I couldn’t hear a word of those rude messages.

Now I know that being a Tomboy is not a thing of shame. I hang out with my guy friends. We have a great time. Thanks for reading my Tomboy Story.

One thought on “Alex

  1. Hey Alex i’m bullied for being a tomboy. This time I went to the girls bathroom a girl pushed me and said ”what the fuck are you doing the boys bathroom is over there” and I got so mad i punched her in the face. I eventually ended up in the principal’s office for it. Well i’ve had so many experiences about people at school bullying me that it would take me forever to write them all. There’s this guy that sits in front of me in Math class and he always bothers me (bullies) basically. It’s so annoying I already wrote a bullying report on him but they haven’t done anything :|.I just ignore people and continue being the way I am and I will always be a tomboy no matter what they tell me.

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