WELCOME to Tomboy Stories!

This blog is about your tomboy experience. Everybody has one– whether you are a tomboy, have been called a tomboy, or know a tomboy. This site is an open and public forum. All submissions to this site are anonymous– Aside from the name or pseudonym that you choose to post under, there will be no identifiers linking you to your story. Your story may be analyzed by researchers and potentially published.

We believe that everyone has a tomboy story, and we want to hear yours and share it with others.

2 thoughts on “WELCOME to Tomboy Stories!

  1. My friends call me Spart ..I’m 16,am a tomboi and I love music,rapping and hanging out wit frnds..my parents are split and don’t like d tomboi stuff but I still do my tinz.I’m d first born and I hav two jnr brodas..I do have crush on gurlz most tyms ..I’ve never has a boi Frnd cuz I see it as a waste of time ..I hate girly’s dress though my parents like buying em for me..I have a very close Frnd which I’m now having a crush on though she has a boy friend and I tink she’s strait ..but she likes me a lot. Well I dnt still hav d courage to tell her

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