I have always been a tomboy. But I constantly cover it up by wearing poofy pink dresses because I am forced to by my mom. She has never accepted me for who I really am. She always cringes or scoffs at any female who is tough or boyish. Im really depressed about this because my friends and everyone else accepts me, but the one who you would think would always love and support me doesn’t. What should I do?

3 thoughts on “Tory

  1. Let your mom know that she is hurting you by not accepting you. My mom used to be the same way but I told her that I wanted her to let me be who I am not who she wants me to be. She still makes comments occasionally but knows that they hurt my feelings so she apologizes. If you decide to do this do it calmly and this may require you being vulnerable and very open and that is okay. In the end she loves you and wants the best for you and in her mind she doesn’t think being a tomboy is the best thing for you but if you think that this is who you are, then it will be good for you.

  2. Hey Tory,
    Lydia left you a good comment. If however your mom still really dissaproves of the way you dress, wear clothes that both boys and girls can wear. That way you can still feel comfortable and your mom will probably not mind as much.

  3. Dude, talk to your mom that girls have rights to wear whatever they want to wear. And it won’t matter wheather it’s a black prom dress or a Lego movie t shirt or maybe even a pair of black high tops

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