Hi im a tomboy,it’s not easy being a tomboy and want to have tomboy friends of boys,im a muslim if u know what that is,i talk to my mom about what i want to wear, she said she wants me to be a girly girl and i told her i want to be a boy, and she said she does not want another boy,i feel bad and will ignore what she says,i also want to know other tomboys like me and tell me tips on how to man up,i have been a tomboy for 5 years,hate dresses make up and pink.

about me:love football,car, motorcycles,sports,p.e.,cats,black,blue,red,spiderman,anna akana(youtube),spy,ninja,csi…

3 thoughts on “Nade

  1. Hey Nade,
    As a tomboy coming from an accepting family I really feel for you. It must be hard wanting to please your family but at the same time being something that they do not approve of. It might help if you wear neutral clothes that both boys and girls can wear. That way you can still feel comfortable and your mom might not mind as much.

  2. Life is not tat simple if we muslim wana be stud..parent wil nag coz it a parent do nag too but tis is wat i choose so i myself hv to bare wit all tis..

  3. THIS.IS.SPARTAAAAAAAπŸŽŒπŸŸπŸžπŸ”πŸ‰πŸ…πŸŒπŸ‘πŸ›πŸ‘πŸ«πŸ΅πŸ™‰πŸ³

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