Hey this is Elijah, you can call me Elijah or Eli I don’t care. I think I know why I’m a tomboy. It’s because the other part of me is a boy. Yes, I have a twin brother. He’s Donato. I never used slang or wore a dress in my life, never a skirt. I think its a dumb idea girls have to pitch underhand in softball while boys do overhand in baseball. Luckily I’m a so good pitcher I made a boys baseball team. I play football, baseball, basketball, and soccer. My stepmom is a fashion designer and wants me to be popular. One day she set me up a hang out with the most popular girl I’m my grade. So embarrassing! I’m so glad I have a twin. Supportive. My only friends are boys and all girls strongly dislike me they make fun of me for being a tomboy. It’s terriblešŸ˜¦. But I just think, Why do I care? Shrug it off. Done. I want to get a career as a famous baseball player. Like Felix Hernandez or Justin Smoak(my last name is smoke, pronounced the same), or Michael Saunders. See ya

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