Hey guys my names not actually Stray just a nickname people gave me cuz I’m always alone but whatever. My real names girly with no nicknames that aren’t incredibly stupid. Since I was in third grade I always dressed and acted like a boy. I still do but now hang out with girls just so my parents dont see my real friends. I’m the kind of person that plays tackle football with the boys at lunch. My mom hates how I am but my dad loves it. The time I came home from school covered in mud bcuz someone dared me to jump into a mud pit made my mom flip. She said why can’t you be a girl for once and I told her that I don’t care what she thinks she said that I was making her look bad so I ran to my dad’s house two miles away because I couldn’t stand her anymore. She accuses me of being lesbian I’m straight but I have nothing against gays or lesbians. People should be able to do what they want. I’ve broken a lot of bones skateboarding or zip lining off the roof of my garage, no one gets how I am but I really don’t care anymore. I hate to admit it but I cut, try to hide it by acting happy all the time, it’s just not me. Hope you guys get it and peace out!

3 thoughts on “Stray

  1. aww thats sad, i have a similar problem, but never that bad, try talking to your mom, maybe she just wants you to be the girl she always wanted to be, especially since your parents are (I’m just assuming) divorced, she’d want a kid that does NOT remind her of a failed marriage (like i said, i’m experiencing the same thing-ish, but my parents are in different countries)

  2. ………. This reminds me of my life. I am only 12 and I have almost the same situation as you but harder because my parents rejects me.

  3. That’s sad! You should meet my mom, she’s cool with this tomboy thing. My grandma too! My grandma was a lot like me when she was a little girl. My mom was average. She was always stuck in the middle.

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