I’m 14 going to 15. And, of course, I’m a tomboy. I hate wearing dresses, skirts, etc. I usually wear black sweatpants and some sort of t-shirt that was for guys instead of girls. My school is incredibly judgmental, and since the majority of my grade are stuck up girls, I fit in terribly. I’m not accepted into any girl group, not even if my personality is one of the best ones out there. I hear girls talk behind my back, calling me a nerd, freak, loser and any other degrading school social class there is out there. I make the best of friends with geeks and nerds because they normally accept who I am. As advice, just continue to be yourself. It’s not your real fault that your a tomboy. Your just born with it. When I was only 3 I even said that I am a tomboy and I don’t care who thinks otherwise. Girls can say what they want, that’s their problem.

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