Hi I’m 12 and I get called a girly girl but guess what I never wear skinny jeans or girly tops. I wear plaid shirts and well just plain jeans I’m not interested in makeup and plucking eyebrows. I also have bushy-ish eyebrows and I’ve lived with my brothers my whole life. I have a little sis and I’m in foster care and my dad says I’m a girly girl but I don’t think so. I hate being called a girly girl and he asked me what I wanted and I said sweats and a guitar. Also do u think I’m a poser? just asking.

One thought on “Lil

  1. Let’s say that some guy had a skate board but never rode it… he is a poser. He is posing to be something he is not so that he looks good. I will not say that you are a poser or not but I will let u dicide.

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