Ever since I started middle school I realized that I was bisexual. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved watching violent cartoons, wearing baggy t shirts, playing video games, and wrestling. But I currently haven’t told anyone yet. I only have a couple good friends At school, (boys). I tried fitting in with the girls by dressing up, being polite, and watching their stupid tv shows, but I wasn’t be true to myself. Even after all of that, they never invited me to their birthdays, asked if I could be their partner, or if I could sit with them. I’m still sad about this, because I’m not like the other girls, I like explosions, having messy hair, drawing comics, reading comics, love Cartoon Network. I bet if they had to put one person down as a good friend, they would never pick me. One time I fell, I was covered in blood crying on the bench hoping somebody would help me. 15 minutes passed and the only reason they noticed me was because the bell rang.

One thought on “Lauren

  1. Hi, love, I just found this blog today and yours is one of the first I’ve read, so be patient with me as I give this a shot.

    “Bisexual” means being attracted to both men and women. Is that what you meant? It is an often mistake that words like “tomboy” and “transgender” are misidentified as the word “bisexual.”

    Secondly, I have a few ideas that may help improve your situation.

    1. Tell the adults! I know sometimes this option isn’t available, but if it is, use it! We can help you get through this.

    2. Please don’t dress up or act like anyone other than you are! If you are yourself and people dislike you for it, you need to find a new crowd to hang around. You are you and you can’t change that, you should embrace your personality and be proud of who you are, and if they can’t accept that, then the problem is with them, not you.

    Hope I helped!


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