Hey everyone! I’m Casey and I’m a 7th grade girl. I haven’t worn a dress/skirt in almost 4 years, except when I was forced to for 5th grade graduation. You will always see me wearing blue jeans and converse. When my mom takes me shopping she shows me fancy flats or something but I always direct her to the sneakers. She asks why and I say they just aren’t me. I prefer to go fishing or climb trees than go the the mall any day. My hair is either always down or in a braid. The only make up I wear is mascara, lip gloss, and sometimes a natural color eye shadow.
Don’t change who you are!
Be who ya wanna be!

One thought on “Casey

  1. Me too, i do act like a tomboy, and all the boys know but the girly girls are just WAY TOO GURLI.

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