I am a tomboy but no one but my mum,dad and brother know I am. I want everyone to know but I’m scared what they will think. Also I want to were trousers at school but I’m scared what people will think because I normally wear a skirt and I want my friends to like me. My grandma thinks I’m all girly   and don’t have the courage to tell her I’m not.hopefully you can give me some advice and thanks for listening 🙂

2 thoughts on “Amy

  1. You should just come out and tell them…I couldn’t stand the fact that they all think I’m girly and get me girly stuff…I have a whole box in my room filled with the neglected make-up gifts I’ve gotten. Now, people have just given up hope that I’ll ever act like a girl.

  2. This is a time that all happens to us,but just secrtly maybe wear what u want,and kinda make it a hobby and then u don’t have to worry about it cause it’s normal for u,and hangout with ur brother more.

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