Zoe (aka Joey)

Ok,so most girls are tomboys cause we are all boyish.Well,not me.I’m a T.B. because I’m special. If I had the choice of being popular or being a worth nothing tomboy,I’d pick being a t.b cuz they rock.My sister from anotha mister,Joey #1,stands up for me no matter what I look like or act like.We will be BFFs till death….or longer! We stick together through everything and always will. I’m Joey #2,and I’m the biggest t.b. ever. Btw,I give all my friends that are boys,nicknames like Tinkerbell,Nothead,and Troll Queen(long story for Troll Queen)! And if you’re a Tomboy it doesn’t mean you’re gay.(my friendemmie told me I was gay and I beat the crap out of her!)So,until next time….WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY!?

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