My name’s Tanya, and im a tomboy like u guys. I always hate wearing short shorts, sleeveless, well probably anything that is girly. Especially acessories! I only wear modestly and wear ballers, caps, anything simple. I mostly hate being looked by guys and men on the streets. Like a sexy stare or like a look showing he’s interested whatsoever…UH!!! I REALLY HATED IT. It disgusts me. Plus i get insecure but yet still proud of d way i dress. Sometimes my mom will tell me thngs like “you’re going to be a widow someday” and i hated it. I hate people who judges me. I do have a lot of guy friends and ever since i was around 8-12 i am really into sports and im really hyper. I dont care getting dirty and all that. I also just roll my eyes off when girly girls scream ‘ewww!!! ‘ or squeal. Some of my guy friends likes me, and i never feel the same way. EVER. Im attracted to girls and sometimes fantasize about them.
Now that im 13, im still a tomboy. Deep in my hart i always will be. And thanks for reading, guys! Stay strong and always believe in yourself!

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