I’m Jennie, but I prefer when people call me Jace.  Lately I’ve really been embracing the fact that I’m a 100% tomboy, and my mom keeps adding unnecessary comments saying that I look like a guy.  I can’t even stand the thought of wearing REAL girl’s clothes without gagging – which is hard to make me do.  I only hang out with guys but I pretend to have friends that are girls so my parents don’t get pissed off.  I pretty much think of myself as a guy, except that I like boys.  My mom always says “you’re such a pretty young lady, I wish you would dress like one” but when I used to dress how she liked she would call me ugly.  I just wanted to rant about it because yeah, I love my parents, but they can piss me off a lot.  Maybe it’s because I’m the only girl out of 3 kids but I can’t help if I’m a tomboy.

2 thoughts on “Jennie

  1. im ashleigh im a tomboy and im 11….for a while my mom hated the idea she made me wear dresses and makeup.I would always get teased at school…people would walk past me and say oh when did your mother have a son…..only one person was there for me….he was my best friend….turns out he had a crush on me and was teased because of that.but one day i went to school and spoke my mind telling girly girls its my life and if they have a problem with it either say it to my face or shut up….everything was different after that

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