Ok, I’m 13 turning 14 in April and I’m a tomboy. I love reading, mostly fantasy and sci fi along with comic books. I love superheroes and videogames. My favorite show is Doctor Who. I love wearing my converse all the time but now I can’t because my parents forbid me from doing so. I also can’t wear ties anymore and not allowed to dress in all black. My parents threaten to throw my guyish stuff away. I only got 2 things I really wanted for Christmas this year. I got a pair of skullcandy headphones and a pair of converse I had to fight my parents to get. My mom refused to give me anything superhero related and my grandma gave me a pair of pants. I can’t stand up to my parents because I’m too afraid of them, if you saw my mom you would probably freeze up as well. My mother hates the music I listen to(BVB,Escape the Fate,and bands like that). I’m bi and an atheist, both of which my mother doesn’t know, but my little brother and father do. It got out in school that I was an atheist and they sometimes tease me saying I’m demonic, but I don’t mind that. My mom forces me to wear make up sometimes and plucks my eyebrows, pops my pimples and forces facials on me. This is all for now, I seriously hope it doesn’t escalate but only time will tell.

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