Aiyana ( I-yonna )

I’ve always been a tomboy. When I was six I would be dressed in all boy clothing. I am 12 right now. My dad hates it and says I look like a hobo when I go out. I really want to cut my hair short but my dad, mom, and step- mom don’t agree with me. Some people refer to me as him or he instead of she or her. My hair is long but I hate it. Mostly all my friends are boys but some refuse to be my friend because of how I look. I have a boyfriend and it’s alright, but it doesn’t feel normal.

3 thoughts on “Aiyana ( I-yonna )

  1. Hi, my name is Natalie. I can so relate to you. Minus the boyfriend. My sisters and mom and dad dont like how i dress, and think that its not apporpiate for a girl. I am also 12. But i thought id reply a say, dont let them define you as a person. If you like being a tomboy keep doing it. Im not saying disrespect them. But be yourself, as im doing the same. Im not a werido, i really could relate to you. Thank for posting this, its good to know someone eles feels like this. Bye.

  2. Hey so I’m new to this website but I was wondering if you wanted to talk. Your story kind of reminds me of how my life was (I’m 15 now) and my friends have told me I’m a good listener. If not that’s fine, sorry not tying to sound creepy, just trying to help!

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