Well, I’m Daisy and i’m 16 yrs. old . I’ve always liked the way that boys’ clothes looked on me. I am a tomboy , I love sports , and I’m feminine I just like boys’ clothes and chillin with the guys. It’s been this way for as long as I can remember, I learned what being a tomboy meant at around 10. I began calling myself that and my mom wasn’t having it , she forces these girly clothes on me to the point where I just used to pick girl clothes out so I wouldn’t have to hear it from her. My dad will go so far as to actually throw clothes and shoes away if they look boyish bt that’s my style and I feel really comfortable in it . On my birthday I bought an outfit that suited me , and my mom totally went off , saying things like “I will not allow this!!!!” And “ANY girl of mine will NOT b in boys’ clothes” . It hurts my feelings to know that something like clothes could come between our relationship. I can’t wait until I’m out of the house to dress how I see fit for me , what should I do ? She’s so hung up on the fact tht ppl may think I’m gay , it’s silly that she cares so much about what outside ppl think . Im stressed . Can any1 help me out , here ?

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  1. Tell your mom how you feel and stand up for yourself. I may only b 10 but I know what your going through. My mom and dad won’t let me play football at all. I always stand up for myself. Also find another tomboy to hang with. Hide boyish clothing if u can and change at school or after they leave.I’ve done this and it sucks but it works. So,sorry I’m so young and giving u advice but I look 16. So find a friend,hide from parents,stuck up for yourself and some boys(do this all the time and get B.F.Vs that r boys). So,gtg and…..call me Joey,not zoe plz.

  2. I’m a ten year old tomboy and I love to play basketball and read comics . I dress like a boy and my mom isn’t to great with it . She tells me to paint my nails style my hair and dress nice and wear pink . She’s always been like this my dad is way cooler with it he just tells me to wear a little bit of pink. But now my mom is really getting on me she now just puts all the boy clothes and throws them somewhere . She some times picks out clothes for me with I hate! But what I do now is talk to them and say mom dad don’t worry I’m still your girl just let me be me please.

  3. I am a 13 year old tomboy too, and I know what exactly how you feel..my mom doesn’t like people who are being a tomboy either so she mostly buys me all these sometimes girly clothes or just plain normal clothes, I mean seriously we can dress however we want to. Because it’s our choice…I don’t tell my parents that I’m a tomboy especially to my mom because like I told you, she never likes her child being a tomboy.

  4. Hey, I’m a 13 year old tomboy too…my mom hates people who are tomboys so I don’t tell them because they might be really freaked out. Even sometimes my mom buys me girly clothes or just normal clothes. I mean seriously, why can’t we wear what we want to wear because after all it’s our choice.

  5. hey I think you are perfect just the way you are,if your gay then your gay if your a tomboy your a tomboy and you rock dude!so stand up for yourself get them crazy and if they don’t like it scare them and pretend to do something bad if they don’t get you the first time,be yourself because if they really love you they will love you just the way you are…

  6. I’m 13 and I hate girly things, my parents hate my favorite high top converse and constantly threaten to throw them away. For Christmas I only got 2 of the things I wanted because my parents refuse to buy me stuff like comics, converse and action figures. I wish I could stand up for myself but I can’t. A few weeks ago when I put on a tie for the 2nd time(an awesome experience) my mom told me I was forbidden to wear ties. I don’t think its fair, because its my body and its not like I’m dressing inappropriately.

  7. Hey, its cool….if you hate girly things. But just remember who you are and be proud of it! ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish you good luck on that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Whenever my mom does this kind of stuff to me, I just tell her that it’s pointless to wear tight, clingy clothes because I’d just never be comfortable. Instead, I’d probably embarrass her in front of her friends/socialists by pulling the shirt/pant to make it looser, while shouting insults at my clothes. (Yes, it works because I’ve done it three or four times to her before).

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