I’m British and aged between 13 -15. I remember having short hair when I was at primary school and all the kids there thought I was a boy. Once, when I was out with my female cousin, we passed a kid who asked if I was a boy. I also was friends with a boy, until he moved away in year 4. I got bullied for 2 different reasons, I only had 3 friends and wasn’t socilazing much.
I have had a few crushes, but I’m on the anti-flirting, anti-kissing side; even though I sometimes talk to boys and they tease me (I know they’re just joking) but most of the time I’m by myself and don’t speak up much. I’ve never been called gay or a lesbian and I always dress in hoodies, jeans and trainers and I’d love to have my short boyish hair back again, but my mum says no. But for the first time, I’m going to wear boys shoes for year 10, that’s the only boy-thing I own.
Thanks if you’re reading this; I’m just pleased I’m not the only tomboyish girl here who goes through hard times! Stay strong 🙂

One thought on “Briannah

  1. Don’t worry 🙂 I’m also a tomboy but I have a long hair..but someday I’m gonna cut it. I have tons of friends and very popular, And my name is kinda unusual so just call me Blake. Nice meeting you Briannah 🙂

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