Hi, my name is Aly. I’m a 10 year old tomboy. I used to have many friends in the third grade, but I’m in 5th and have 4 good friends now. I am pretty smart with almost all A’s and good comment from teachers. It started at the end of grade 3. I had a lot of girly friends and very few boys were my friends. On the last day I asked a friend for his phone number, I got it and walked down the hall. A girl ran up to me and asked why I had his phone number, I said he’s my friend. She started saying he’s a boy why are you hanging out with him? Stuff like that. I went into grade four with baggy clothes and my totally rad style! 😉 People started leaving me with other friends… I was depressed and would cry in bed. I wanted to fit in. I have 4 friends 3 boys and 1 girl. One time at recess I wanted to try play jump rope with the other girls. I heard a girl walking away asking why I had joined them… I was pissed and stopped trying to fit in. I decided I was my own person, and I was different, that was my gift I guess. I play soccer and hang with boys everyday. I always get in fights with my parents because I never listen, so yea… People still make fun of me and say I don’t fit in, but I couldn’t care less… I want to be nerdy and do magic and sports and work with computers, but for now I’m a lonely tomboy! :/ Cya Peace.

3 thoughts on “Aly

  1. Ayeeee wat up my nikkas,im12 going on to 13 and I love guy clothes im a big tomboy I love video games sports and most of all b ball shorts sneakers and hats my fav football team are the cowboys im not one of those pops im a more quiet tomboy but when im in guy clothes i feel like I can express myself more my mom does’nt care if im girly or tomboy neither does my dad they like that I express myself the way I do I wear summer clothes in the winter and my

  2. ur just like but im 11,i have no friends hate being with girls,when u first see me , u can think im shy but if u really know me,im hardcored and have anger mangement so yeah if was like hardcored and stuff at scholl then i could of had morefreinds but yeah

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