Yo, sisters from other misters! My name is kinda girly,so I go by Huriel. I’m 13 years young and I’m a tomboy.  Every one sais “oh,look! La marimacha! (the man beast!” Most of my “friends” are faker than their eyelashes. They use me, and then treat me like trash. I’m really hotheaded,and I always have to hold back from pounding their faces in. I dont hang out with the prissy girly girls, who only wanna hang out when they know I sing. My mom doesn’t help.”Dress like a girl” “don’t be such a tomboy” “you’re not a man”, “can’t you be like your sister?” Gotya gotua urusee, jerk. 😦 always wants me to weir dresses. I honestly feel akward dressed too femininely. I have long hair,and the girls in school,try put gum in in it. I’m tough. I dont cry. I’m the hardhitting, funny, playful tomboy. I guess all i can do is smile, beat em up,and deal with it. I will never give up being a tomboy, no matter what those beotches say. And u guys shouldn’t give up either!

4 thoughts on “Huriel

  1. Hang in there if got the same probs mom what’s me to dress more grily I just shut out the negativity it works.just wish mom would understand me

  2. My mum was shopping with me the other day(torture) and she kept on complaining how I prefer the boys clothes. When we shopping online for snow boots and slippers the other day day same thing. Oh apiece of advice, if you shop at sports shops like sports direct where they have stuff like Adidas, Nike,Puma and les something they have tomboy clothes but in the girls section. Hope I helped. Ps I’m ten and have a girly name too.

  3. you’re exactly like me, a tomboy that loves vocaloid ha-ha. my mom has also said that “i’m not a boy” stuff. but i’ve got 1 bro. no sisters to compare too. Can not caring about what i wear not upset my mom and family? pffft sometimes being a tomboy is easier than being a girly girl. i got a girly name.

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