I have a really girly name and i don’t like it. it rhymes with shane though so i chose that. i have really short hair and everyone thinks i’m a boy. My mom always says “why don’t you grow your hair long??!!!” and “why don’t you wear girl clothes!!??!?!” and i hate it because i wear boy clothes and i hate girl clothes. also, theres this girl in town that i just met and she’s really nice to me. but the thing is, the thinks i’m a boy! i told her my SHANE name and she thinks i’m a boy! the worst part is…she has a crush on me!!!! please help!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Shane

  1. Yah.. In our society dats da big problem for us.. N da things dat 1girl like u or having a crush on u.. There is nothing to worry just focus wats her need.. I mean if c really mean u or accept u as da way u r.. Just let her know who r u!! So b confident buddy 🙂

  2. Tell her that you’re a girl. If she rejects you, tell her that when a girl likes boyish things that it’s as natural as a girl liking girly things. If she doesn’t reject you, be happy because you are you! And there’s no other name for you!😀

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