Okay, so, I go by the name Ningaa because my real name is really girly and I hate it.  I also go by Ningaa because I am silent like a ninja but I misspelled it because I don’t want to be the same as everyone else.
It all started when I was born, my mother was only twenty and she had dreams of having a girl that she could put in pretty dresses and stuff like that.  But, I was always playing with cars and pretend guns.
When I want to elementary school, I was an only child until fourth grade when my younger brother was born.  I had a lot of trouble with finding friends.  My best friend from Kindergarten had moved away in third grade.
In fourth grade, I kept to myself and I did that until fifth grade when I finally started to make friends again.  I had many friends when I dressed as a girl, but on those days when I dressed in sneakers, jeans, and a tshirt towards the end of the year when I was tired of being fake, I was alone again.
I was the kid that began to get into trouble because I had developed depression.  I managed to make two friends, one girl, one boy.  One girl bullied me because of that and she got me suspended in sixth grade because I would not work with her in class.  My mother told me to stay away from her then.  I tried after my friendships had been weakened because the bully had told everyone about what I did and how it was great that she didnt get caught.  After that, she followed me around, calling me names.  One day, she called me a lesbian.  She punched me in the face and called me other names also.  I was the stupid one who hit her back and got suspended once again.  Both of my friends stopped talking to me, I remember trying to apologize to them with tears coming down my face.  No one believed me even with the bruise on my cheek.  The bully told everyone to stay away from me because I was a lesbian.  The truth was, I wasn’t a lesbian.  I continued to dress in jeans an a t shirt and I began not to care about how I looked,  I just stayed silent and did anything I could to get away from the person who had taken my friends away.  I argued with my parents a lot.  I went into seventh grade and met two friends, I had  gotten away from the bully and I wasn’t known as a lesbian.  I began to play basketball, football, and hockey.  I liked to draw also, but I hated the way girls wanted me to wear blouses and stuff like that.  Then, I moved and now, I will be going into eighth grade where I will hopefully make some new friends.  I still have social anxiety because of being bullied.  I hate how society treats tomboys as though they are automatically lesbians.  I personally, am fine with the LGBT community and support equal rights.  However, I also support the fact that no one should be bullied because of the way they look or dress.  Well, that is my story.  I hope it can be understood because I know it probably has tons of mistakes because I typed it on my phone.  Ningaa, out!

5 thoughts on “Ningaa

  1. Im a tomboy thats a freshman in high school and im kinda having a hard time making friends. The school i go to has hundreds of lesbians , dykes,and studs and they all have friends(i know because i see tgem talking and laughing in the hallways). No one from my middle school goes there so i dont know anyone. The second day of school i was asked if i was a boy or girl befor class started and i was embarrased(i answered girl). Today at the end of the day a girl behind me was saying “boy boy hey boy” im not sure if she was trying to make fun of me are not but i didnt answer. I heard someone say “thats a girl” and that kinda caused attention. Btw im african american. But the thing i didnt get was is that theres HUNDREDS of other girls and when i say HUNDREDS i literaly mean HUNDREDS of other girls who dress like me and it just makes me so mad i wanna fight them. But im not exactly a fighter but ill fight if have to! So i was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to make friends and how to answer when people question my sexuality and gender. Please contact me I really need help

    • im a tomboy too and i live in Ethiopia i get the same comments every time the guy i have a crush on makes rude comments about me being a tomboy 😦 any ways dont change who u are show them that you are approach able try talking to the person that seats next to you in class i bet you are really fun to be around 🙂

  2. I’m a tomboy too…and when I was born, my mom, too, had dreams of having a little girl who would love to cook, clean, dress up, play tea party, wear beautiful dresses and stuff like that (she was 25 at that time); I don’t like any of that; I prefer playing video games, climbing trees, playing out in the woods, rolling around on the grass, wearing jeans and T-shirts, playing sports (mostly basketball), you name it.

  3. I feel sorry for you. I was bullied in sixth grade, only by a few people. Seventh grade is much easier, but that’s only cause I say violent threats to my friends such as I will throw you to the moon or I will cut you or something like that🇯🇵🔪🔫🚬

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