Hello~. (sorry for any errors-I’m writing this on my phone) I’m an almost 15 year old tomboy that just realized she was one a couple months ago. I would say I’m a different type of tomboy. I sadly have no friends that are guys and barely have about 2 or 3 female friends. So it all started when I became more self concious about myself (11/12 yrs old) and my body. I felt uncomfortable revealing any cleavage, thighs, arms, and chest. Then, I found the T-shirt and jeans! It was so comfortable and very relaxing to wear them. But, my family told me only guys wore them and girls were supposed to wear blouses. I tried dressing more feminine but the trends irritated me. I thought “society sucks” and still do. I hate all those see through clothing and shirts with billions of holes with them. As well as those tight fitting ones that can show my small muffin top. I also hated all those short shorts that would show my butt if I breathed. I started to take  a liking to mens clothing because its not as expensive, it’s simple, and comfortable. I got into cross country and bought the needed sports bras. The are REALLY comfortable and I always wear them. I also want my hair short but long enough for bangs or something (look up Ono D, Kyuhyun, or Ciel Phantomhive). But my mom hates my choice. She want me to be like a ‘normal’ girl. But she cant have that because I am a girl who enjoys being on the computer for countless hours a day watching anime, reading manga, listening to Japanese rock/metal/power metal and K-pop, and playing video games. I’ve played vg’s since i learned to and have always loved them (legend of zelda, pokemon, final fantasy, and kingdom hearts ftw!). I dont really like sports that much but i do find basketball and boxing interesting. I have never come out to my family (except for a few trusted cousins) that i enjoyed being a tomboy/crossdressing. Nobody really knows, they just suspect. And I’m really into the whole cosplay/crossplaying thing because its really fun.

2 thoughts on “Cindy

  1. That’s cool. A fellow Kpop and anime lover~
    U know F(X) right? I’m a 16 year old Asian tomboy with short hair n stuff that is a huge fan of Amber (dat tomboy). Ask them if they rather you be super showy or as u are right now. My dad has always been supportive cuz I am just like a son as opposed to my mom who once warned me not to turn lesbian.

  2. I love anime and Kpop and Japanese stuff. Don’t listen to your mom. You’re beautiful just the way you are!👕👖👟👞🔫🔪🈯️🈺🈵🈴🈲🉐🚹🚺🔀▫️▪️◾️◽️🔳◽️🔲

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