I am 13 now, and I am a tomboy! Im not too manly, but in some ways I am! I am staright and I attract boy a lot. When I was around 7 or 8, I was starting to dress to my liking. My mom would make me wear dresses and skirts, i would tell her no and she would yell at me. I didnt care. Then as life went on I started acting more guy ish. In 4th grade my teacher even asked me why I was a tomboy! It continued until 7th grade. My friends are a mixture of boys and girls. I hang out with mostly girls though. They are all girly girls and they know im more of a tomboy. I started feeling uncomfortable this year, 8th grade and decided to still dress comfortably, but a bit more girly. I started letting my hair down, wearing clothes with flowers, and instead of sneakers all the time, sandals or flats. I find that after just changing a bit, I attract more boys, im not as self-conscience, and I feel pretty! I like to skateboard, yoyo, videogames, and stuff like that! So you can say im half and half. Sometimes though, i think about if I was a boy. I would have short hair, and I would want my name to be Braxton or Justin. I know all the latest fashions for both boys and girls. If i were a boy I would even have different styles for my hair. But, i am pretty happy about my life and being a tomboy. I feel confident and gorgeous!

One thought on “Gabriella

  1. U go girl! I’m only 10 my besties are all guys. Love being a tomboy. Don’t try to follow your friends. Be yourself and love it! I feel great being a tomboy. I’m the fastest girl in my class anyways. Like all the others wear flats and sandals a lot. I can only wear sneakers. Well follow YOUR HEART not anybody else’s

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