(Sorry for my overly scattered thoughts) I’ve been a tomboy since I can remember. I’m 14 now and am still one. Ever since I was old enough to say what to wanted to wear I would only wear boys clothes which were mostly my brothers hang-me-downs. I’ve never liked dresses although my mom would force me to wear them a lot. I always had this idea that I’d grow up to be like iron man because I love building things. A lot of people make fun of me at school for being a tomboy. This is mostly because I go to an all girls school. I have a few friends who are tomboys too but everyone else thinks we’re weird. I’ve always liked climbing trees because I could see everything and act like I’m flying when jumping down. I like playing video games, skate boarding, riding my bike, playing a collection of sports, practicing MMA with my brother or just goofing off. This year at school our grade went on this camping trip that everyone hated except my friends and I. Mostly because the teaches left us to our own devices for a couple of hours everyday. My friends and I made up the game called anarchy football and we also did roman wrestling competitions. I would still like to be a boy sometimes just because the way I act would be more accepted. I have some guy friends in my neighborhood though and they’re cool. I remember one time we were playing football in my friend’s yard. His mom came outside and stopped me from playing by calling mom who got angry at me and told me I wasn’t allowed to play. I was so angry I didn’t come home until dinnertime that day. A few months ago I was at my brother and my friends birthday party( there aren’t a lot of kids in my neighborhood our age so we have a couple of the same friends). We all started playing basketball and I fell and skinned my knee. I walked over to my dad and asked for a bandaid. He gave one to me but the other parents were whispering to each other how weird it was that I was playing with boys all the time. My dad defended me though and it was really nice of him. My mom though has always had a problem with me acting and dressing the way  I do. She hates that I’m not like her and its annoying. But overall life is good. I don’t believe being a tomboy is a phase, I believe it is a way of life.

4 thoughts on “Ebony

  1. I know how u feel. I have a story kinda like yours. Every one things its a phase but my “phase” lasted my whole life and i dont find myself changing. My story is below yours.

    • Just act natural and tell your friends. If they accept you, good. But if they don’t accept you and treat you like poop💩, then come up with ways on how to stand firm! Ok thank you

  2. You’re dad is so cool, you’re mom, she can be cool but you need to tell her that girls can do anything. Also, I hate dresses too👧🏼👕👞

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