I am a tomboy. I have been pretty much from 6 years old to now. I am 13 now and having the hardest time. I have been asked “is THAT a boy or a girl” so many times i can’t count. I have also been bullied more now then ever. I have been made fun if for my short hair, ” Shes proboly going through a sex-change.” This is the most i have ever been depressed. I am so glad i found this website. I dont feel alone and it shows i can fit in somewhere.

3 thoughts on “Sarah

  1. I have the same story and it started in second gradewhen a pair of second grade boys messed with me about acting like a boy. They eventually stopped when my friends and I stood up for me. But at that point I had started isolating myself. It started again in middle school when there was a no uniform day and two girls in my class called me a lesbian and a transgender. For the rest of that month when I sat near them i had to deal with teasing and names. By the time my subsitute teaxher noticed I had already stopped participating in any of my classes and my grades had severly dropped. I’m still shy by nature but I’ve been seperated from them and have found friends in both genders at my school.

    • i changed schools in the miidle of year,it sucked. i was at the same school since kindgarden through 7 th grade. the people there were nice and never made fun of me. when i moved it all changed. thats when the bullying started. i also found friends later that then stood up for me.

  2. I have the same problems. Don’t worry with the bullying, promise you won’t just ignore it. It will just get worse if you do. If someone punches you, punch them back (that’s what i do) because the only thing bullies understand is violence. Everyone thinks I am a boy, even a girl has a crush on me! I feel the same way, people push me in the school hallways or punch me or kick me, but don’t worry it will get better. USE YOUR VIOLENT, PAYBACK, BOYISH SIDE!!!!

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