Im 12 years old and have always been asked if im a boy or a girl. I used to hate being a girl, but now im used to it and dont mind it as much. Ive never met another tomboy thats as much of a tomboy as me and its hell. i hang out with guys all the time, id rather hang out with them and talk about video games than hang out with a girl and awkwardly try to start up a conversation while shes talking about one direction which i hate, but im starting to get a bit pissed off about all the guy jokes ive been told lately. theres nothing wrong with being a tomboy, but im startin to really hate all the jokes i get everyday about being a tomboy. I really liked reading this because i know now that im not the only one whos always mistaken for a guy

One thought on “Tina

  1. Three years later and I’ve come out as gay, mostly everyone’s accepted me and I’ve never felt more comfortable with myself. Looking back at my twelve year old self being confused and thinking that being masculine is so bad is refreshing, ’cause even though i remember how much it sucked and how alone i felt about it, here i am fifteen, talking to girls isn’t awkward considering I’ve turned into a flirt xD and i have girl and guy friends. Not everything is defined by gender once you figure that out you’ll realize that not quite living up to society’s expectations of femininity or masculinity is completely fine. I have short hair that’s cut into a faux hawk, i wear button ups all the time, i love ties and hell i don’t even bother correcting people when they misgender me sometimes, ’cause I’m comfortable with myself so i really don’t give a shit. Stop worrying what other people think or say and just do you, ’cause in the end you’re the one that you come home to everyday, you spend every second with yourself and your choices only matter to you, so why try to please someone else that you see not nearly as often as yourself? It’s your happiness that matters at the end of the day remember that. Anyone wanna talk or anything my email is xxxtinathekillerxxx@gmail.com peace out and hang in there, ’cause even if the change is slow and you don’t notice it while it’s happening, you’ll look back and realize things do get better and it’s not all just bullshit.

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