When I was a young kid, I was never allowed to cut my hair, and I was forced into scratchy, frilly dresses on even semi formal occasions.  Ugh.  I loved boy’s clothes, skateboarding, getting muddy and hot wheels.  I drew only boys and always wanted to be the boy character.  I never played house.  I wrestled boys and traded Pokemon cards.

These things are usually “grown out of” and a “phase”.  Wrong!  The hardest part of my life is that I am still a tomboy at 18!  Perhaps I would have grown out of it by now if my family hadn’t given me such a hard time and restricted my clothing.  Probably not though.  I’m pretty sure this is me.

I’m still living my tomboy story.  I’m a lanky, skinny 18 year old with short brown hair and a cute but androgynous face.  I have not grown much since age 12 besides upwards, so I don’t need to accommodate curves or a feminine body and often wear sneakers, boy’s socks, jeans or shorts and skater/graphic shirts.  My mom worries people will think I’m gay, and some people have.  If they don’t know I’m a girl though, from my voice and appearance they assume I’m a boy around 15.  Do I care?  Nope!

When I’m not at school, I play video games, rollarblade, ride bikes, skateboard, play basketball, read books/comics and make cosplays.  I eat whenever I want and keep up a fast metabolism; I don’t care about dieting.  I have three best friends and two are guys.  We have sleepovers and make crazy looking pizzas and watch movies and eat candy!  And I’m not gay!  I just don’t want to date.  I like to have fun and I’m more boy than girl, which is what being a tomboy is about.  I’m probably the biggest tomboy you’ll ever know at my age!

5 thoughts on “Sammy

  1. That’s great to hear. I’m a major tomboy. 16 and as guyish as ever and I hope I never grow out of it. Still despise dresses and make up (though I tried to put on eyeliner once, poked myself in the eye)

  2. I loved reading your story and can relate to most if not all of it. I am also 18 (although you are older now ofcourse :P) and a tomboy and proud of it! I also used to think i was the biggest tomboy at my age but now i know thats not true because of you and im sure there are many more adult tomboys out there!

  3. love ur Story so much
    i m 20 and still a tomboy for some it s just a Phase but fr some it is t and i like to read the Story of others where it isn t just a phase

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