I can relate to much of what everyone below has written! I was a HUGE tomboy growing up, hated being a girl, wished I could be a boy like my brothers, do all that they could, dreaded the idea of growing up and becoming, God forbid, a woman. My mom was always insisting that I dress and have my hair like a girly-girl but finally relented and then things were so much better. I loved it when people mistook me for a boy when I was 11, 12, 13. But I felt really alone as a tomboy, didn’t understand why people didn’t get me, how other girls could be happy being girls.

I’ve spent a large part of my adult life trying to figure out why I was such a tomboy (because although I’m married and have three kids, there is much in me that still does not feel at home in a group of women, still doesn’t like what it means to be female in terms of stereotypes and how many in our society see and treat women). I write middle grade and young adult novels featuring tomboy main characters and have just started up a blog that is going to feature many posts on tomboy issues. The posts on everything tomboy will be sprinkled in throughout the blog however so as not to turn off any of my non-tomboy readers who may be prejudiced against us but who I want to get to understand tomboys. So check it out periodically–www.julieAswanson.wordpress.com

I feel so for younger tomboys who may feel alone and like they’re weird and not at all understood, even looked down upon. Know that, worldwide, there’s a whole tribe of tomboys out there (I just may rename my blog that, or start up a new one just for tomboys–Tomboy Tribe, or Tribe of Tomboys) And we are there for you. We get it. You’re not alone and you’re not any weirder than anyone else in this world, no matter how ‘normal’ they might think they are. Who wants to be normal anyway? Better to at least be interesting.

4 thoughts on “Julie

  1. Im 12 years old and have always been asked if im a boy or a girl. I used to hate being a girl, but now im used to it and dont mind it as much. Ive never met another tomboy thats as much of a tomboy as me and its hell. i hang out with guys all the time, id rather hang out with them and talk about video games than hang out with a girl and awkwardly try to start up a conversation while shes talking about one direction which i hate, but im starting to get a bit pissed off about all the guy jokes ive been told lately. theres nothing wrong with being a tomboy, but im startin to really hate all the jokes i get everyday about being a tomboy. I really liked reading this because i know now that im not the only one whos always mistaken for a guy

  2. I feels you I always get mistaken for a guy! Anyone who is equivalent to my age, I threaten them that I will throw them into the hot blazing sun

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