My name is Jason and this is my “Tomboy Story”. It was the mid to late 1980’s and i had become a rather hefty kid after all of my friends on my street had moved away. I became the victim of bullying. It crushed me, demoralized me and led me to question almost everything in the world around me from the faith i was raised in to life itself. I had a few friends but they were ridiculed as much as I was. Then there was Kim and she was a “Tomboy”. She was the sunshine in my bleak world. She was my confidant. She was my best friend. She was my first true crush. Our families spent summers together in gulf shores. I will never forget those summers as long as I live because of her. I could have easily ended my life back then, but Kim and Iron Maiden helped save my life. She was my own personal cheerleader, i can only hope i was the same for her. Today I call her my Sister because in all truthfulness she was and is my sister. Our lives were separated for many years at one point and like all things that were meant to be the universe saw fit to reunite us once again, through social media of course. I will cherish my relationship with her until my energy is reunited with the universe, I probably wouldn’t be typing this if it wasn’t for her.

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