So I played soccer for a large portion of my life, up until high school. But when I was 10 or 11 I played defense and when the ball would get kicked past me I would run at full speed- and I was thick… I was chunky, and I was working so hard- and I would be running and running, and my face was beet red. I wouldn’t care I was just going like “it’s for the game! for the gaaaaaame!!” Then when I would finally get to the ball I was huffing and puffing, because I was out of shape, because I was so fat… So I was still huffing and puffing once the game was over, because I would always be trying my hardest, but really I just had these bursts of sprints that were actually really unnecessary- just because I think the crowd really liked it. So at the end, my coach was like “Whoa! You’re like a tank out there!”, and I was so proud. He said that I was like a brick wall, because nobody could get past me.

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