I’ll first start with me.

As a kid, dresses and baby dolls never really interested me. The color pink? No thank you.
I loved science, dinosaurs, books, mechanical things, and dirt. Lots of dirt.

I remember wanting to play G.I. Joe with the boys in my kindergarten class and being told no unless I beat them to the playset.
One day I finally did it and then got told that it still wasn’t ok. I got a note sent home from school that day because I was “sulking” away from the other students and not playing with the girls.
Think of it more trying to figure out how to beat those turkeys at their own game.

6th grade was the first time I really remember being bullied for being a tomboy and for my academic focus.
I suspect it happened before, but I had a male cousin at my elementary school in the same grade that made sure it didn’t get to me. We learned later that he was suspended from school for taking down the school bully on my behalf. Back to 6th grade. We had a teacher that loved projects and our project was to dress from a character in a book. I picked Captain Nemo from 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea as I had recently began reading it. That day was the day I was called Homo for the first time. It was “Captain Homo” to be exact. At the time, I didn’t even know what that meant, but it cut me to the core. The clique that person was in tormented me through the rest of junior high. I never stopped being me, but man it made the awkwardness of that age more awkward.

I met my husband in high school and he appreciated all the “tomboyish” things that are a part of me. How wonderful is that?!
We would often joke about fate handing us a daughter who was my polar opposite. Well… as fate would have it, it’s partially true.
We have The Princess Tomboy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

She’s really into pink, glitter, and princesses/fairies. Let us not forget shoes! We always have let her pick, never forced.
She’s also a climber, athletic, analytical, confident, and opinionated. She is who she is and that’s it.
All the princess dresses she owns have holes and snags from climbing trees, running and falling, or just plain being her active self.
I’m sure a few of the holes have come from her dressing up her little brother too. 🙂

Her hardest experience was her self done hair cut, well her 3rd one to be exact. She had cut it down to the scalp in so many places that there was nothing left to do but cut it much like the character in Tomboy.

She proudly sported her new cut with her princess dresses and usually a tiara. If anyone could rock that cut and make it shine, it was her.
Adults were wonderful and very often complemented her “awesome do” and her princess attire.
Other kids, were just plain awful. Strangers at the park called her horrible names, called her a boy, and made her cry more times than I can count.
She was 4 at the time. FOUR. Her hair has grown out so much in the past year, but I honestly think she will not stop growing it out for quite some time.

This year in kinder, my daughter has also been the victim of relational aggression. I think that it comes partially from the fact that she straddles the fence. She’s confident and able to play with both boys and girls while not seeing the division between boy/girl things. As a parent, I am proud to say she is handling it beautifully by standing up to her aggressor and getting help from trusted adults as needed.

One thought on “Christina

  1. Princess Tomboy!! New term, thank you very much. We must get this in the urban dictionary asap.

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