Tomboy for life here. So many stories of my tomboy girlhood. Climbing trees in the park. Playing football in the street with the neighborhood boys. They said I couldn’t play with them because I was a girl, then I could play if I could beat one of them, so I did and they had to let me play. The time a family friend gave some “steelies” (steel marbles, actually ball bearings. They were highly valued in my childhood) to my brothers and not me…I cried. I still want those steelies. Summer after third grade I said I was going to come back to school as a boy–but I didn’t. I thought boys had all the fun and adventures. Thing were basically o.k. till the horrible puberty, when I realized I was a freak. That was a rough time of just feeling that I wasn’t what I was supposed to be. It got much easier after I came out.

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