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This blog is about your tomboy experience. Everybody has one– whether you are a tomboy, have been called a tomboy, or know a tomboy. This site is an open and public forum. All submissions to this site are anonymous– Aside from the name or pseudonym that you choose to post under, there will be no identifiers linking you to your story. Your story may be analyzed by researchers and potentially published.

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I’m a tomboy and my mother refuses to notice, I had to sit with all the girls in my class (none are real tomboys) and all they did was talk and talk about girly things that I didn’t understand, so we had passes and I would always switch with my friends (that are guys) at a different table and they would speak a language I understood (non-girly). People come up to me and say that they’re tomboys…………. THEY FREAKING ARENT!


Once upon a time, I tried to fit in my class. I don’t even try anymore. I’m 20 years old now, days before graduating from high school, and I’m going to wear a suit at the exam, just like the guys (except for the tie).

How did I end up being an upfront tomboy?
My mother’s a country girl: no makeup, no nailpaint, no pretty dresses. She set a role model, I followed through. I never played with dolls, I was more into stuffed animals and matchboxes. I liked dark blue and black, hated pink and bright colours. When the teachers made me wear skirts and pretty shoes for school events (I was a very good narrator), I wanted to die. I liked to be in sweatpants and comfy shoes.
My hair was cut in a short pixie style from the start, then I grown it around 6th grade. I realized that I couldn’t pull it off, it looked bloody awful, so I went back to pixie and in high school: military (3 millimetres). I started to wear all-black clothes, even more masculine ones than before.

My life became a living nightmare. I get comments in the ladies’ bathroom and in the women’s department. Everybody assumes that I’m gay – as a matter of fact, I am not, I’ve always liked men. Every bloody kid goes around shouting their bloody questions to their parents and friends, regarding my sex and sexuality.
A year ago, I had class in the building where primary school kids study. I went to the bathroom and a teacher came after me because the kids told her that “a boy was in the girls’ toilet”. I was pissed like hell. I was wearing earrings, couldn’t they see that I was a girl?

Eh, I’m not even sure that I am a tomboy. I look and dress like one but I’m more emotional (=girly) than tomboys tend to be, I don’t like that many manly things, I’m not interested in cars or team sports, I rather read, write or play. I don’t even get along with guys because of my shyness (again, not very tomboy-ish) so they can very well assume that I’m into girls.
Well… screw my life.

My mother and I have fights every other week about my choice of expressing myself. She hates my hair, she says that I look like a death camp fugitive or a cancer patient and that I deserve to be looked down on. She doesn’t understand that a leopard cannot change its spots – I simply cannot act as a girl because I’m stuck somewhere between two genders.


My name is Margo, and I am a tomboy, no duh….. but, I can’t figure out if I am lesbian, or if I am just me…. if u know what I mean….. one time there was a group of girls sitting on the steps, and I heard them whisper… IS THAT A BOY? but when I turned around they started laughing because I was a girl. Guess they we too dumb to figue that out. I basically go to school in a shirt, some jeans, and my hair is short. I also love video games. I am also 12. I AM JUST NERVOUS THAT PEOPLE WILL THINK IT’S WEIRD.


Hi I’m 12 years old and Im going into 7th grade/middle school I have always been a tomboy because most of my family are boys I grew up playing in the woods and getting dirty But that is starting to change every since I have moved to a new school i don’t have many friends at my new school and I’m not really myself I’m kind of quite and some people don’t even notice I’m there I’m not real smart because I don’t really pay attention in school because I don’t like it I used to live around a lot of kids my age (mostly boys) I only had one girl friend that was also a tomboy but she moved so I would always hang out with boys they get to do so many fun things and the girls are supposed to love makeup and like so dress up all pretty and do their hair I want to try to fit in and not get made fun of so I wear girl clothes mainly just jeans and a shirt or hoodie I have thought of trying makeup but I don’t know how to ask my mom because I’ve been a tomboy all my life… I try to be myself at home like I love to ride quad and play football basketball and I like video games.. I believe I’m in the middle of being a tomboy and a girly girl because of me not being my self around other people like at school…well thanks for reading do you guys have any advice on how I should ask my mom if I wanted to try makeup or if I should try to be myself more at school?


I’m a tomboy I loved playing rough and dirty , played a lot of sports and did horseback riding. I hated dresses and skirts. I preferred a shorts and a t shirt or jeans and sweats . I loved climbing a tree . Loved playing with trucks and trains. Every day I came home and scrapes and bruises from playing rough . My favorite shows were all “boy” shows .i always hanged with my brothers and their friends. Even now I still love these . And now I’m still a tomboy that wants to be a gym teacher at my elementary school, cuz I love teaching kids to fun games and I loved gym .


Hey, guys. I am a 11 year old tomboy, and some girly girls used to bully me but… uh… now they don’t because i scared them. All of my friends are boys since 1rst grade and the only girl friends i have currently are turning girly. Now all my friends are boys and my moms boyfriend keeps threatening to shoot them T.T . BTW I am a lazy tomboy, i like watching sports, and i even kinda like to play basketball (I collect jordans 😀 i have 6 pairs) but i am really lazy and prefer to watch a basketball game or play videogames, welp, im done. Im unhealthy too, last time i had a salad was probably in kidergarten. :/ How are you doin then?


Hey. Bolt isn’t my real name, but I guess I’ve gotten attached to it.

I’m not revealing my age or anything, I just want people to read this, I guess.

I don’t want to make other people feel jealous, but in my school, there are no bullies. And the ones that are usually get owned by the teachers, so they’re not that big of a deal.

I think I’ve shown signs of being a tomboy since I was three. I had a crazy obsession with dinosaurs. And not the toys that kids play with or those dinosaur books that teach you shapes. I meant actual dinosaurs.

One day, our teacher told us to bring books to nursery class. The next day, I brought a dinosaur encyclopedia containing things like a dinosaur’s height, weight, where it was found, etc. I don’t really remember how my classmates reacted, though.

When I got to second grade, some girls would start slapping me in the face every time I would approach them asking them if they wanted to play with me. At the time my dinosaur obsession was beginning to fade away, and I began taking interest in My Little Pony.

Fifth grade. People wouldn’t really tease me or anything, but they would mind me less and think I was weird in a sort of humorous way. I knew they didn’t mean any harm, but I still felt isolated. I spent more time with the boys discussing superhero movies and drawing. I still have female friends who treat me like a normal person. But they still like dresses and usually discuss, well, girly things.

When it’s not a uniform day, I wear jeans and a simple T-shirt, usually one with a superhero picture on it. All the rest of the girls would wear really, REALLY short shorts (the teacher scolded them once for that) and pink tops.

Also, I’m really good at turning down bullies. Verbally and physically.

Well, that’s all I want to say. I know I don’t encounter as much problems as the other people here, but I want to let them know that I feel them.

#hailhydra 😉


Hello! I’m Emile and I am of twelve years of age. When most people meet me, they don’t assume I have any tomboyish traits. They usually make this assumption because I wear glasses and because of my obsession with writing, which people consider a girly thing. However, this is very much not the case. Ever since I was in kindergarten I always preferred to hang around the boys because I felt more connected to them. I collected insects, never wore dresses, didn’t care if I got dirty, etc. Now that I am in sixth grade, people have started to take me more seriously. Aside from my interests in such things like intricate drawings (I have won various artistic awards in my school. I’ve been told I’m even better then our art teacher) and floral patterns, most don’t have anything to say about me that makes me girly. I’ve always loved tragic and dark animes as well, like Mirai Nikki, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Higurashi When They Cry, etc. There are also animes like FLCL which people have deemed as inappropriate for me (Believe me, I am no weeaboo, I just love manga, anime, etc). I also have a masculine name. But, let me get to interests. I love basketball, softball, Mindless Self Indulgence, video games (Dragon’s Dogma is great, by the way,), almost all of my friends are male, I hate makeup, I have the most non-female laugh in existence, among other things. Yes, I do have some female traits like enjoying shopping for clothes (Though we always go to Spencers or Aeropostle) and liking my phone, but I’ve never been a real girly girl. I’ve never really enjoyed sleep overs, never asked for phone numbers, you name it. I like to believe I’m a cross between a girly girl and tomboy, though I much prefer the tomboy side.


I am an 11 year old lesbian who is still in the closet. My mom always tells me i have to act feminine! I hate her so much because all she does is yell at me saying i can’t dress like a boy. She drives me insane and I just want to be accepted for who i am!