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This blog is about your tomboy experience. Everybody has one– whether you are a tomboy, have been called a tomboy, or know a tomboy. This site is an open and public forum. All submissions to this site are anonymous– Aside from the name or pseudonym that you choose to post under, there will be no identifiers linking you to your story. Your story may be analyzed by researchers and potentially published.

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Hello! I’m Emile and I am of twelve years of age. When most people meet me, they don’t assume I have any tomboyish traits. They usually make this assumption because I wear glasses and because of my obsession with writing, which people consider a girly thing. However, this is very much not the case. Ever since I was in kindergarten I always preferred to hang around the boys because I felt more connected to them. I collected insects, never wore dresses, didn’t care if I got dirty, etc. Now that I am in sixth grade, people have started to take me more seriously. Aside from my interests in such things like intricate drawings (I have won various artistic awards in my school. I’ve been told I’m even better then our art teacher) and floral patterns, most don’t have anything to say about me that makes me girly. I’ve always loved tragic and dark animes as well, like Mirai Nikki, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Higurashi When They Cry, etc. There are also animes like FLCL which people have deemed as inappropriate for me (Believe me, I am no weeaboo, I just love manga, anime, etc). I also have a masculine name. But, let me get to interests. I love basketball, softball, Mindless Self Indulgence, video games (Dragon’s Dogma is great, by the way,), almost all of my friends are male, I hate makeup, I have the most non-female laugh in existence, among other things. Yes, I do have some female traits like enjoying shopping for clothes (Though we always go to Spencers or Aeropostle) and liking my phone, but I’ve never been a real girly girl. I’ve never really enjoyed sleep overs, never asked for phone numbers, you name it. I like to believe I’m a cross between a girly girl and tomboy, though I much prefer the tomboy side.


I am an 11 year old lesbian who is still in the closet. My mom always tells me i have to act feminine! I hate her so much because all she does is yell at me saying i can’t dress like a boy. She drives me insane and I just want to be accepted for who i am!


Hi I’m Chelsea and I’m a tomboy and in 7th grade this year so I’m 12. And I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I have only one group of good friends but the other people i know treat me bad. They whisper behind my back, try to get me in trouble, yell at me and call me names. I do lots of stuff like shooting, camping, motorbike riding, driving a car, and even do karate and I’m strong for a girl. Everyone thinks that I lie and I don’t do that stuff. They have pissed me off so much that I would like to beat the crap outta them. I’m also skinny and tall for my age too. Considering that I’m one of the youngest and tallest in my class. I know I’m not allowed to hurt someone so I keep my cool. But everyone thinks that Im just being a loser but there is a point where I can get from being cool about it, to using violence. I want them to stop. I know trying to run away from your problems don’t work. That’s why high school is worse than primary. I can’t stand being bullied. One day I’d
Like to be one of them girls who hangs out with everyone else and everyone likes them. (But without the makeup and dresses). But I guess they all think I’m s*** and I hate them for it.


Hello. The thing is that I, physically I am a girl. Though emotionally I don’t feel like one. I am not transgender. I am just a tomboy. I am a 14 year old tomboy who loves drawing (I only draw males) and reading and doing nerd like things. My mom doesn’t seem to accept me as one and is consistently judging me. I complained about a girly outfit she wanted me to wear and her reaction was “stop acting like a tomboy. God made you a girl act like one” and things along those lines. I am graduating from grade eight this year. I wanted to be able to wear a tuxedo or something I was more comfortable with besides a dress though my mom said “keep your tomboyishness in the house. You can’t act like a boy outside in front of other people. I believe it isn’t fair. Women and men are treated so differently in my religion. My mom doesn’t accept me. I wanted to cut my hair short. She agreed but she thinks I am doing it in order to impress guys. She thinks my identity is a phase and constantly argues with me when I bring up any topic she doesn’t like such as feminism (I am a hardcore feminist) I want her to accept me and stop thinking this is just a phase.


Nicknames that I call myself(Prince panda97, Panda97 or Tomboy panda or just Panda) sorry if it is confusing. Anyway my story goes like this.

I found out I was a tomboy ever since I was a child, not sure of when, but I found out in middle school. Back then a lot of things happened and it all just made me so insecure to show who I am. I was kinda hiding my tomboy side, because I felt I was too different from everyone and embarrased. So I hated myself for the way I acted, but wanted to show my real side as a tomboy.

Later on I got more of a boyish girl and could show it, but slowly I got lonely as my “friends” and others started to not care. Guess they never cared. Anyway all of the shit I got through like school, people, family, friends and the crushes i had went like hell.

Today it has been 4 years since i acknowlegded myself and only i did. No one else has realized it. But I am showing more and more as years go by and to be honest the ones who made me come out to show i am a boyish girl is K-pop(korean pop). It all got me twisted like and gave me the reason to live. since 2013 I have loved this boygroup from South Korea named BTS and they give the reason to live. Lots of reasons and I hope anyone here who has written past stories or read stories here can relate to me or I hope you can try to understand if you don’t. I have many stories of mine, but I made it like this instead and my other inspiration of letting me be myself is of another K-pop idol named Amber Liu from girl group F(x) who is also from South Korea, but she is Taiwanese. ^^ please write to my email if you have any questions. Thank you everyone, btw I read many posts here and you’re all doing well with being yourself, keep doing what you love. ^^


am tasha …but most call me tash….I won’t say I love sports…fuck if I ever try them al die…am 17 ..I love dogs….of course yo I have a nigga so duuuh I ain’t doing girls ….becoz I look very much like a boy…..everything about me shouts nigga..am from the neighbour and I ain’t tripping ….am black(team feeling myself) am very playful …if u one of those serious people ..yoh bitch stay the fuck away from me…I value friends becox without hommies there ain’t people to mess around with ..uuuum am out of words ….I speak a lot BTW and also fast ..but writing nah not my thing becoz of that I don’t even do assignment …but nigga trust me up here am a real genius u get me …and BTW I don’t climb trees ….climb trees all u want….al wait for u down here ….am a niggga at everything except body coz am really curvy 36-28-40 and dayuuuuum I ain’t flossing(of course I am)…..I keep my dressing casual but girly tf noooo…..am very social extremely social ….and lastly I LOVE ME ….always . my number one fun yoh…get outta here


Sup guys my name is Hailey and I was a girly girl when I was around 3 and 4 only becuz my mom wanted me to and would only allow me to get dresses and skirts but I always liked they way my older brother dressed and he is 3 years older than me and and now I’m 12 gonna be 13 in a few months and I get alot if hand me down clothes from my older brother and I loved them but I had long hair so I would not get mistaken for a boy but I got a hair cut and some kid at school saw me walk into the girls bathroom and the kid that saw me was a girl and told a teacher taht a boy went into the girls bathroom and I did not get in trouble becuz the teacher knew me so I never u the bathroom at school or in public places, I was also called a boy by a Mexican family that was in the bathroom they said it in Spanish but I knew what they said since the little girl was pointing at me and the mom saw me and pulled her chilingd into the stall and closed to stall and said sicko in Spanish(how do I know this becuz my friend was jn there with me and she can speak spanish) anyways I was super embarrassed and I walked out, the next time u was at my friends house and I was wears some blue jeans with a superman shirt and her little cousin asked if I was a boy or a girl I just hate when people ask me that it makes me feel so uncomfortable and I just want to die in those moments and when people ask are you secretly a boy I just hate it so much,I hate how people judge u by what u look like, it’s just like ohh taht person over there is wearing adidas athletic pants and a nice blue shirt with black hightop vans on and they have short hair and now makeup on so therefore they are now titled as a boy, and then when you see a guy dressed up wearing pink and stuff and he is titled as a girl or even gay, I just hate it and it’s even worse when they ask what gender you are, like why should u care I know what gender I am, if u really want to know ask some of my friends taht I hang out with or ask for my name and that should give you your answer. Thanks for reading that long story if you know anyway for me to react when sombody ask me what gender I am and how u can play it off cool I guess.


Hey! My name is not actually Eliza, but let’s roll with it. Ever since I was 6, I grew to become a tomboy. My parents were fine with it as long as I acted mature and nice. They still allow it. I met my best friend in 5th grade and he’s still my homie. So the moral is: don’t hate yourself, hate the haters. P.S. Aot and Aph is life


uuummm….hy guys/girls.I’ve been a tomboy all my life because I’m mostly with my brothers.I love hanging around fellow tomboys cause it just feels right.Anyways there’s a large possibility that my story is soon coming to an end because its bringing me alot of problems in school.Apparently most people think all tomboys are lesbians(talk about stereotypes).And even though I’m not against lesbians am not one and i hate being accussed wrongly(and there’ss also the reaction of my mother involved soooo…)but anyways that’s my story.Hope ya’ll enjoyed reading it


Hi I’m Phoenix. I’m a tomboy. Phoenix is not my real name but what I’m known as. I started being a tomboy at age 13. I was never a girly girly, however I wouldn’t call my young self a tomboy either. I was kinda stuck in the middle. I like videogames but wasn’t addicted or anything. I always hated pink girly stuff. I was to distracted by my passion for animals. My best friends growing up were always boys. I recently came out as genderfluid. So yeah bye