Hi I’m 13 and I’m a tomboy. My mom was a tomboy and so was my grandma which makes it easier for me to be myself since they were the same way. I don’t like dresses or make up. I like playing football with my uncle and my brother and I always wear loose shirts and jeans. I’ve always been more of a farm girl. My uncle says I’m like a little brother to him. “That’s right, your like a boy to me Angel.” He said. I’m really into sports and am very fit which is weird because I eat A LOT but never gain weight. I used to play with Barbie’s but gave them away to my cousins and I only have like 1 dress in my closet. I don’t even remember the last time I wore a skirt. One time I actually wore jeans to a wedding. It’s true.


Hi my name is amber and im 14 years old. I love being a tomboy. I just started. I was always girly and loved makeup. I decided to be a tomboy because im growing up and im not a little girl anymore. I am trying to get rid of all my girly clothes and things but my mom would never let me. I want my hair to be short but my mom gets very angry if if i ever cut my hair. I like boyish clothes and i beg my mom to take me to stores to by me boy clothes and shoes but she said yes!!! My room is not boyish. It more of a princess room. I really want to change my room to look more boyish but i am afraid to tell my mom.


Hi my name is Amanda and I am a tomboy. When I was born my dad went out shopping and bought me Winnie the Pooh clothes and a camouflage outfit that said daddy’s little doe. When I was five I had surgery on my abdomen (yes I was born with a hole in my stomach and my organs on the outside but no worries I’m fine now) and I had no choice but to cut my hair short because I couldn’t take a shower or get my abdomen wet. When I was in kindergarten I made at least three close friends: two girls who have the same personality or equivalent as me Lydia and stephanie and one boy named Riz. As I progress in life, people kept asking me wheather I am a boy or a girl, and I kept telling them I’m a girl I’m a girl! When I was ten, I started dance lessons, but I also started puberty later on so I quit dance and went on to karate which is through my school because the dance costumes were too tight. People still ask me if I’m a boy or a girl and now, I am getting sick and tired of it! Boys and girls, men and women, believe me, i am a girl, I just have this thing called tomboyishness. I feel mad when ever people ask me that question. It makes me want to do stupid things like go to the top of the rock at New York with a microphone and shout out to the world, “I am a girl. I have a voice that sounds like j lo and NOT mick jagger ok?!?!” Or go to Walmart and when people ask the question, I go over the stuff that men go through during puberty and the stuff that women go through during puberty. I also started learning Japanese so that could be helpful. BAKA BAKA BAKA that’s how mad and irritated I am when people ask that QUESTION! Sorry for my escalating behavior peeps, this is just one of my pet peevesšŸ˜’ anyways, I have mostly guys and girls who “suffer” the same or equivalent thing as i am going through. I go to a school where in my own class (I’m not sure about any other classes) 99% of the girls in my class are tomboys in some way, shape, or form. For example, my cousin Jill and I loooooove Kpop, which is Korean pop and the best thing about it is that it’s more pg, nr, or pg 13 music instead of rated r, ma, or unrated music like nicki minaj or Justin beiber or who ever Selena Gomez is. I also go to a church camp (yes I’m Christian ok people’s) and this year for example, all the girls in my cabin room had the same equivalent preferences as I do in some way shape or form. I must be finishing up my story now, I also like anime.

Recently, I went to Walmart with my mom and she got me a basketball she’s cool. My mom and I went to the fruit section and I said to my mom I want to try some mangoes. Well there was this lady near us and she was all like, “oh, he’s going try some mangoes?” HE, HE? I AM A SHE! I told her. She apologized for her confusion and then she described what mangoes taste like and that I would love it! Grrrr this annoys me when someone thinks I’m a boy when I’m a girlšŸ˜” I just feel so mad and so angry when this happens! No worries bros, I quickly forgive people. I love naruto do any of you guys like naruto? Bye and don’t do drugs


So I’m twelve and I’m now in year 8 and I am a tomboy. My name is Elena (think its Greek) and I hate it because it’s so girly can’t think of any boyish versions of it. I’m really bad at sport but I love video games and HATE shopping! A lot of people know me as I have a medical condition which affects a lot of things meaning I’m not very strong and I’m very accident prone. My school has chemically poisoned me and I keep on passing out and I keep on having to be carried out of the room by teachers! I have a high IQ and am seen as a geek and weirdo and I love theatre and hockey and playing the ukulele. I have three close friends one is a guy but we have fallen out because when we are going anywhere he shouts disabled person coming through and I know he’s trying to protect me but I don’t need protecting. I may be physically weak but I’m not mentally! Please can you comment more boyish variations of the name Elena?


My name is A. That’s what I go by on the internet, at least.
Some know me as Angel (my birthname), some know me as Micheal and some know me as the 13 year old freak who got a boy’s haircut and looks like a “tranny”.
I’ve always been more boyish. When I in Nursery, we all had to state our favourite colours, what we wanted to be when we grew up and then dress up as our dream career.
All the girls said pink/purple/lilac and they wanted to be fashion designers/popstars/movie stars.
All the boys said blue/red/green and they wanted to be builders/spies/football players.
When it came to me (they were doing it in last names from Z-A so I was last) I chose yellow and orange. That’s right, not only did I not choose pink or pastel, I also chose two.
I stayed silent when it came to what I wanted to be when I was older. I had no idea what to say. But the teachers kept pestering me and I racked my little 3 year old brain for something to say.
A broad grin spread across my face as I loudly exclaimed that I wanted to be a
Teachers looked at me funny as I walked up to the dress up box and picked up an oversized shirt and a clip on bowtie and ran off to play on the climbing frame.
Of course, they never brought this up with my parents and made us all take off the costumes before they picked us up. It wasn’t as if this girl with her curly hair in plaits and a Pink Ranger t-shirt actually wanted to be one.
My parents did find out,however. I had told the mother about it during bath time. They took away all the hand me downs I owned that looked even a teeny bit masculine and I was forced to wear skirts and dresses for Reception and the whole of Key stage one and Year Three.
When I was in Year Four and everyone had supposedly forgotten this incident, we were to start taking swimming lessons at school.
While changing, I listened in to a conversation this one girl who was complaining about something. As we later found out, she had to borrow one of her brother’s trunks (those tight versions of boxers) as all her underwear was in the wash.
I stared in awe at this amazing underwear and vowed that the next time I saw them in a shop I would buy them.
Luckily, the mother took me underwear shopping during that weekend. I found a box of them that was power ranger themed. I showed them to the mother who quickly whisked me away from the boy’s section (she was finding underwear for my little brother too) and bought me a couple pairs of those horrible girl boxers that gave me wedgies and were uncomfortable.
I cried for weeks about how I wanted boxers.
Fast forward to the start of Year 8.
The summer beforehand I had spent in Africa with my family and because of how terribly horrible the father was to me, I forced myself to wear dresses and tankinis and *shudder* bras. I got extremely depressed that summer and when we got back I started to self harm.
Anyways, in Year 8 I noticed that I could choose what to wear and I decided to buy a looser school polo and jumper to hide my chesticles.
I also bought a pair of trousers from the boy’s section in Asda, which angered the parents very much.
One day, I decided to try binding like the transguys in those movies. I didn’t see myself as a guy, I just didn’t want chesticles.
I bought some bandages that were self adhesive (but only to other bits of the bandage, it didn’t stick to skin) and had some stretch and I binded with those for a day and loved it. I knew people could see the bandages through my shirt and I knew about the odd looks I was getting but I felt so free and didn’t give a damn about them.
The next day, I was caught using them and I got yelled at. The parents called me so many names (one of them I actually cut into my skin during a shit ton of depression a while ago) and I got hit a bunch too.
They sent me to school wearing a bra that day and I felt horrible.
A couple months later I got a second hand, cheaply made chest binder from an organisation. I wore it all the time and never let my parents notice by coming downstairs wearing my jacket or wearing my loose jumper over my polo.
People probably noticed me becoming less self consious about myself but I didn’t care.
My parents found out about it at the end of March and I hid it away, afraid that they’d cut it apart.
I managed to get them to buy me more the next week after I got my hair cut shorter (for the record, they made me take off the binder and wear one of my sister’s dresses when I went to the unisex barber) .
I now have 2 working binders that leave me so flat that I can swim in them, a binder that is really thick and ripped at the side and my original binder with the elastic stretched out so much that I use it as a normal tank top.
I want to tell you guys this, you can still be a girl and not want boobs.
As long as you identify as female, people have to respect that.
Not everyone grows out of being a tomboy. Not all of us actually are tomboys. Some of us are trans, but all of us are trans*.
That’s right, every single one of us falls under the transgender umbrella for being non-stereotypical.
I fully support all LGBTQIA+ people and their families (as long as they’re accepting) and even though my entire family shun me and hit me, I will never stop being myself.
I dont self harm as much and I barely ever think about suicide anymore. And even though I’m just a depressed and slightly suicidal kid telling other depressed and slightly suicidal kids that suicide isn’t the answer, I know that if I can stop someone from commiting then I can stop myself from ever doing it too.
And for those who want to know, the binders I bought are here:

Even though they’re cheaply made, they bind like the chains of hell and are known to get double d’s down to pecs and make my 32B’s look like a prepubecent boy’s chest.
Good luck people, happy summer, be yourself and never change for others!

(In case you’re wondering, I’m Asexual and Panromantic which means that I like people for their personality or in other words I’m attracted to people, not genders)


What’s up? Im Kiki. Im 12 and a tomboy. I hate skirts and dresses and anything girly. I understand I have to keep my hair together…its just hygeine. Anyway my fave sport is basketball and I love to play Super Smash Bros. on my 3ds or Wii U. I love to climb trees and play in the dirt, but wearing boxers… thats honestly gross to me.
My problem is that my mom doesnt like me to be girly. She once forced me in a skirt to wear to school in the 7th grade. (Im going to the 8th this year. I turn 13 next year). Anyway i wish i had more freedom. I have a ton of guy friends and some girls. Most of them happen to actually be a tomboy like me.Ā  Other than that i just wish my mom would understand Im a tomboy. Plz someone help me.


Hello, my name is Krystal (my family calls me Krys for short). I’m 17 years old, a senior in Highschool. I guess I’ve always known I was a tomboy. It was no secret in grade school, I hung out with a majority of guys, played football and basketball with them at school. Then my parents got divorced, and my father got custody of me and my older brothers. And that’s when I became more aware of my tomboy side, I picked up on their habits, I was comfortable and I wasn’t inclined to be this girly girl, but at the same time I felt somewhat obligated to distinguish from them as well. I had my own room because I was a girl, and my brothers had to share because they were boys. That’s when I decided I would experiment and try to fit my gender, I got into straightening and curling my hair, picking more girly (well neutral girly clothes) I started wearing eyeliner (suggested by my brothers) Although I looked the part, psychologically I felt a 60/40. And then I got my period. And my dad felt like he couldn’t give me the “girl talk” as well as my mother, so he sent me away and of course I was unwilling, but that didn’t matter to him. So I entered highschool in a new location, I made some very good friends equally boys and girls.. I have a very nurturing, intelligent, and sweet side and a very tough, straight forward, charming side as well which I found very easy for both genders to get along with. So I am this girl who is very much straight, reserved with her feelings however much as a boy, I am underdeveloped in pyschical aspects but I love my body as is. Im happy with the gender I was given, but recently I started going back into old habits, wearing guy clothes because its more comfy. And im starting to question what defines me percisely. I would say Im a pretty girl but also have a guys charm and approach and for some reason I feel like I identify mentally as something rather than just psychologically female or male. Can someone please help with a term to describe exactly how I feel as an individual?


I don’t know If I’m a tomboy or not but people keep calling me so and I hate it so much! and I really wonder why are they calling me like that , I wear eyeliner and mostly blouses , accessories maybe it’s because I always wear sneakers? but I can’t get over them they’re just so comfy.. i hate wearing dresses becaause if I do they’d make fun of me and if I don’t they’d call me A tom I just don’t get it I can’t be who I am.. even my own mom makes fun of me.. I just can’t stop them


Hey I live in Scotland and Almost all the boys in my year (S3 ) are such dicks like whenever I am the only girl playing football they don’t let me in goals even though I was a keeper for one of the best teams in Scotland and they don’t pass and they are so competitive. I used to hang around with two girls one I had know since primary and another I met in S1 but they stopped talking to me and I got bullied for a while by thier other friends which I really didn’t care about because I couldn’t care less what people think. The only problem was that because I was friends with them I didn’t really have any other friends. I was very lonely and often went to lunch my self and I was very anti social and shy. But as I went into S2 some boys who went to my primary and they asked me if I wanted to go to lunch with them and know I’m not shy or anything anymore and I go out with one of the boys who asked me to go to lunch with him. I still get a load of bull shit from the other boys in the year which is mostly just the popular douche bags. An expample of some of the rubbish I still get is I had to do a mock election in our modern class so I was doing the presentation and then All the boys start laughing at me a pointingĀ  to my shoes and saying that they were boy shoes and I constantly get called a boy or a lesbian and wired because I hand out with boys. I’m not saying all boys are like that because the boys I hang out with a really nice and funny it’s just some of them really annoy me and it’s not just the boys it’s the girls aswell none of them talk to me because I don’t have long hair or I wear ‘boys’ clothes and because I’m different some times I fell it’s worse getting it from the girls and I feel like although I hang around with the boys I still have feelings and it does hurt when people call me gay and a boy just because I’m not the typical girl


I don’t have any friends at school. The girls don’t like me because I’m a ‘gangly freak’ and wear boys’ clothes, like comics, etc. The boys don’t like me because I’m a girl. I usually play with the boys because girls are boring but they never bother to find me because I’m a girl. I wish I was a boy. I used to get bullied because of who I was. I don’t tell anyone, not even my mum, but they punched and kicked me, told me to go in the boys’ toilets seeing as I wanted to be one of them. They tripped over my legs deliberately saying I should try to shrink them because they are too long. I’m glad there are other people like me in the world.