Sup! So I’m a tomboy, obviously, and I’m 13 years old. I go to a private school that makes me wear a skirt, because my mother refuses to buy me shorts, we will get back to her later. I have to hang out with girls, because they guys won’t let me hang with them, and when I do play a sport with them, they always ask me if I’m okay after even just a scrap or a tumble, like I’m weak. Then when they curse they always apologize to only me after, and say sorry for calling you a b!tch, but not to the other boys if they call them bastards. It’s annoying. Plus wearing a skirt I can’t play sports without flashing people, and the shorts I wear can be seen under my skirt, but I don’t care I do anyway.  Also, if we play flag football or sports that incline contact then th boys always say I’m “handsy” or should watch where I put my hands, but seriously get it together, it’s a sport! Sorry if I touch your upper leg or butt, get over it. And the most major issue, my mother. I only have sisters, and she refuses to let me dress in the clothes I want. At home sure, but in public it’s always noweEmma you’re not a boy, not those pants Emma this is the boys section Emma. And quite frankly in tired of it. She won’t accept me for who I am, but I think it’s time to take a stand and let her know. I take after my dad, why can’t everybody just see that already? I think my parents would be fine with me having short hair, but I’m gonna wait till Highschool because my current school is super sexist. They never ever ask the girls to help carry stuff, or hold the door, that doesn’t stop me. Quite frankly I hate chivalry, it’s the 21st century, get over yourselves.   I just can’t wait until high school, where I AM going to reinvent myself as a tomboy who doesn’t take no for an answer. I don’t care what it takes, I’m not going to suffer 4 more years of hiding who I am.


I’m Rachel I’ve been a tomboy my whole life I always liked sports and boys stuff such as video games guns and others lots of people have made fun of me for who I am but whatever it all started when I was 3 I thought dresses were gross and skirts so I wore boys clothes I continued and I’m in grade six now I don’t give a crap what anyone says about me periode.


I’ve always been weird starting with my name. I wanted to be normal for the longest but I could never fit in. I had really long hair but I cut it all the way down like a boy bought a skateboard and started hanging with boys by the time I was in 7th grade. Everyone thought I was lesbian…………there’s only one person I would go gay for and that’s Iggy Azalea, but can you blame me? Other than that I’m 100% straight……..well 99.99999% but that’s not the point the point is that I’m not gay except that 0.000001% of me. But I’m mostly straight. My parents are real strict on what I wear so I don’t dress like a tomboy I dress more like a hipster girl…. But for some reason the girls at my school are ghetto as hell and not worth looking at. I have girls who are friends but they aren’t as easy to talk to as boys are and all they do is gossip. But my guy friends do treat me differently because I’m a girl. But I surprise them when I punch them. But I think dudes are sexy and girls are alright I guess but not in a love kind of way. And I’m pretty sure im not bi. And I really don’t know why they ask me if I’m lesbian when the most girly girls at school are dating each other. Then again I go to school with idiots


hey i’m Jess and i’m 13 years old.i have been a tomboy since i was about 8 years old. i haven’t worn a dress for nearly 7 years now. i have short hair because i hate having long hair, they’re just sooo annoying! i only wear boys clothes and boxers. A lot of people mistake me with a boy but i actually don’t care about that, i like it to be honest.i love playing rough sports like Rugby.i do a lot of clubs: Football, Basketball, Army Cadets, Boxing, Free running. Most of the time I’m outside. I wish i had a friend that’s also a tomboy like me.


Hi my name is Grace and I am a tomboy. A few months ago all the boys started having a crush on this ONE spesific girl and then suddenly all the girls in my class started having fights about who so a girlygirl and who was a tomboy and then i got really upset. So one day a girls girl in my oppisite class sent me a text saying I dont know how to be a tomboy ( I mean I as the other girl)then she asked me to teach her and then second thing was she said I was a mega girl girl and I do really love my hoodies and playing on me brothers XBOX and other games like pac man and I have lots of friends that are boys so I seriously dont know what she is talking about …A few months later the same girl changed from fake tomboy ( To impress the boys) to a girly girl so thats what I dont really like about tgirly girls…Bye bye.!!


Hey there. I am about 12 yrs old. I hate stupid skirts but I am pretty sure that I’ll have to wear one next year- I go to an international school and I have to wear a uniform. In primary, you wear a skirt pants thingy while in secondary, you have to wear a stupid skirt. I was girly when I was little but I realised that I hate wearing skirts so I did unless my mom forces me to. I don’t really play with the boys because they think that girls are weak and etcetera so I hang out with a couple of girls that are pretty much a tomboy but one is kinda girly. The boys think that I am weird because  I hate things that the girly girls like but that’s OK because I am pretty much introverted. I wear my bro’s clothes when I can since I really like baggy t shirts. I really hate it when my mom forces me to walk like a girl instead of a boy and sit like a girl instead of a boy.


Hi, I would really like your advices…
So… As you can see my name is Oriana, I’ll be 14 this year and I’m a tomboy, but I don’t look like one at all. Since I can remember I was scared of cutting my hair and when my mom wanted to trim it I always cried and stuff. When I was little I was like every other girl – I liked pink, dresses, skirts and such, but in the 1st grade I started to hate those things. I was to scared to tell my parents, but I actually refused to wear skirts and dresses, so I wore pants all the time. When all of the girls were playing with their dolls and talking about boys I was happily playing Pokemon on my DS, talking with boys about computers and stuff like that. About that time I refused to wear clothes from my older bro, but now I’m actually taking his hoodies. Last year when I stopped being girly at all I heard about tomboys and I finally found my place in the world, but still, I don’t look like one… I’m in 7th grade now, so it was a new school and everyone was like: “I want to have hair long as yours!” and so on, but I was always telling myself in mind, that I want to have it short like my bro.
I want to tell my parents, that I want to cut my hair short, but it’s past my waist and I really can’t get myself to talk to them. I started to wear boys’ clothes to give them a sign, but they don’t seem to notice, so I don’t know what to do… Please, tell me how to talk to them about me being a tomboy.
I’m also really sorry about mistakes in my post if there are any, english is not my native language.


Hi! I’m Donna and I’m 9 years old and i’m a tomboy. I just love sports that include balls, like dodgeball, soccer, basketball, baseball, and stuff. All the girls in school treat me like a weirdo exept for like, a few other goood-natured kids. they put makeup and come to school, and wear like, pik-frilly stuff. the fact that I dread skirts (very inconvenient while playing soccer!!!) makes me a totall weirdo. all the boys let me blend into them amd become one of the crazee-soccer maniacs. so, I fit in pretty much normally. I just thought i was meant to be a boy because i love such boyish stuff, but now that i relize that there are tons of people who love soccer and baseball like me, I’m thrilled, and really proud to be a tomboy. My wish is that girls exept me into one of them and stop throwing me weird glances when i cheer really loudly if someone scores a goal in soccer games. so… concluding, (?!!) i’m super ultra really proud to be a tomboy, and i’m glad that there are a lot of people that are like me.


Hi, my name is Eryka! I play on MSP and I’m fricking proud of it! When I went on a chatroom some1 said “ew! A boy!” And I was like: “your parents didn’t teach u any manners?” She was like: “what?” BAM! I’m not a little girl crying. And in real life I have really 1 really close bestie who is a tomboy too. I like being with the boys but I know boys >.< they only flirt! Ew! Being a tomboy doesn't suck really. Tomboys have a strong personality, have the swag B) and r themselves. Most of them don't care about useless stuff so keep on going!

Jenn/ Jeff

I’m 13 and I’m a tomboy nerd. Okay. 98% tomboy! I have hair that ends at my shoulders (I HATE IT SO MUCH.) and… I’m the cleanest freak. A lazy clean freak. I haven’t told my family yet and I’m very strong with what I think. But I don’t have the guts to say it. When i do, I always get shoved down into the pit of despair. That just gets rid of my confidence. My only confidence: internet and my lucky parka. I can’t get a binder because I haven’t told my family I’m a tomboy. I hate my boobs. I lost all of my confidence that was in me from them.and my boobs are HUGE for my age. I don’t want them. I just want to get breast reduction surgery and be flat. I haven’t been breathing the same and red sores, scratches, etc have been appearing on them. I consulted my mum, she declined. I’m not accepted for who I am. My English teacher likes to send kids out by gender. When he says boys first I stand up and what I guess you can call the Queen Bee of middle school grabbed my hoodie and shoved me to the ground. But I usually just try to ignore her. No one believes me and no one helps me. Not even the English Teacher. Not even the school counselor. I can’t move or contact police because there’s no home phones, and I don’t have a phone.okay, maybe I do but I’m afraid of calling the cops.i’m also atheist and the popular kids are Christian so I’m a natural target for a game of:”WHO CREATED THIS” They once wrote on my locker: “gay,lesbian, freak,b*tch” it hurt so much. I can’t erase it off, it was written in permanent and I got detention. I won’t commit suicide, because I have an ambition. But I’m a tomboy, and I’m proud. I’m a excellent swimmer and I love video games, or tech in general. I just want to be known as a man. I refer to myself as man, and I’m going to be known as man.