I was born to do sports. My first name was given to me because my father was inspired by Mia Hamm the soccer player. As a little kid i would play tennis as my main sport and kept playing this sport…until we moved. Since i had lived in Maryland my whole life, I wasn’t prepared to move to japan. I tried to practice in this metropolis, but lessons were expensive, coaches were scarce, and there were not enough courts. I realised that i had to find other sports. After choosing xc and track and practicing without a limit, my foot gave up on me. I broke a bone in my foot. What caused me to practice (10 k everyday) was the turmoil that surrounded me during the time. The staff at the school told me that i was ADHD and had started to medicate me with strange drugs, the unstable social life surrounding the need to be accepted by the popular volleyball clique and my inablity to relate to the other girls.

The bone break made me realise how fragile my body was and made me question my decision to rely heavily on cross country. After healing I became curious about basketball. Its elegance and the similarity to tennis made me experiment with it a little bit. Curiosity i would learn can lead to great victories and defeats.

One day when i was practicing my layup a gang of boys from my school watched me play. I knew something was off. Then one of the boys from their gang walked up to me. He asked me to play 1 on 1 with me. He beat me 12-1. I was humiliated. From that day, I practiced on the court alone to condensate for the embarrassment that i felt. One day i met this coach called coach dan. He welcomed me to join their class. Desperate for guidance I accepted. On this court there were 4 kids. Mathew, Saluki, Asa, and Luke. All 4 of us became great friends. I wasn’t alone anymore. I thought. Big mistake.

The next year i became a freshmen and 3 of them had moved. Mathew and I grew closer. Even though we both quit we would still play 1 on 1 together. Mathew however wasn’t so depenent on basketball as i was. He was an alfa of his grade and had a lot of his guy friends to lean on. i didn’t. I became more and more needy of his attention and then, he left me. After training with coach and my 4 friends for a year i tried out for JV women’s basketball. At school, i had a friend called Andrea a soft more at the time who i had trained with in cross country. She encouraged me and told me that i would probably make the team. During tryouts we had to do a 3 man weave. Although most girls also didn’t know how to perform this drill, they picked up on it quickly. Since i had ADHD I had difficulty learning the drill and often failed my teammates. They kicked me out. Feeling irritated and like a failure i decided to channel this angst into my basketball. From that day on, I trained like there was no tomorrow. At least 2 hours of practice everyday, no excuses. Layup, floater, jump shot, 3 pointer, 2 pointer, dribble with 2 balls, there and back 3 laps, ladder, pushups. Slowly i became the gym rat. And the “Only girl in the boys basketball” Stereotype.  I am a soft more now. It has been a year  trying out again for women jv basketball team. But while i train i see these gangs of boys having the time of their lives. I practice alone. I feel lonely but when i see myself in the mirror i see a girl covered in battle scars and strong as iron. I see that strong couragous girl who has risen above all of the problems that had been bombarded on me. I see a tomboy.


hey first of all excuse my english  i m 19 years old and sice i m alive i m a tomboy i always hated girly staff  i have a twin and we re totally diffrent  when we where younger she was a britty girly Girl and i was a tomboy so it was ike she was a gir and i a Boy my dad and others always calld me Kerl it s like guy in my language when i was in kindergarden i always played lego and liked to hang out with the Boys and staff and when i was 5 yers old i told my parens that i m never going to wear a Dress and that i want to have a short haircut and then in elementary or Primary Schoolage i was in a Specials class for handycaped People and we were 10 Kids if we were many Kids mostly like 6 Boys and 4 Girl it was like we were a clique and everyone liked eyeryone and i was lucky because the Boys had no Problem with me hanging out with them and i mean the other classes in School didn t liked us so because we were so less studends the Boys always nedet someone to Play Soccer Football with
and i was a Girl and everybody know that but they said all the time hey you are like a Boy i was i took drumlessons played Soccer wear Boys clothes like wide Jeans and i liked to wear Soccer Shirts i liked detective storrys like the three ??? and the famous five i really liked georg she was my rolemodel
and i always wanted to skateboard but my mom didn t liked it she said it s to dangerous specially for you because you re having that handycap and i always liked to watch martial arts when i was Young the only Sport i liked was Football and i watched skategirl Videos and always wanted to have all this videogamestaff but we never had Videogames and i would have liked it if my dad had showed me some technical staff but he didn t and i never had to do somethink with technikel staff i just find it very intresting  when i got older i liked a lot of other ballsports to like table Tennis Basketball Handball Badminton hockey Softball and  i went in Karate lessons i still like doing all that staff
it wasn t isn t always easy for me beeing a tomboy because it isn t easy with my mom when i was younger i had to fight for that i could wear and do all this boish staff and than it was normal to my mom she just bought me Boys clothes and was ok with me doing boish staff but sine a vew years she dosnt like it anymore she thought it is a Phase but im still tomboish
it also wasn t easy for me to get called like i Boy because i was a Girl and i wanted to be a Girl but just in the way i was but i also liked it because i thought it descripes the way i am so it was komisch but now i know what i meant that time when i couldn t say it in words i m a tomboy after the normal Definition but i m a girly Girl after my own
Definition because in my own Definition every Girl should be a part of the Definition what does it mean to be  girly so girly means a Girl that is herself
and the only Girls that wouldn t be girly would be the Girls that try to bee like Boys because they think it s cooler but in real they would like to do that staff that is right now called girly or are acting like Boys because their prants told them that they wanted a Boy
that People called me like a Boy made me think there was something wrong with me beeing a Girl but i liked to be me to be a Girl but there was this thinking off what is a Boy and what is a Girl and after that thinking i was Boy
but in me i know that i was good the way i was and i m a Christian and so i knowed god made me that way
but right now i somethimes miss that i not get called like a Boy because i think i loosed somethink but i m still the same in style and acting and i think it is good because the thinking is another way to olders and i bmean i m a Girl and want to be known as one
one day a Boy i liked saied hey if i would see u Walking down the streets i would think u were a Boy and in one way i liked it because it told me i m still the same and in an other way i hadet it because i dind liked it that he had this role thinking it hurt me
and it wasnt easy to me being a tomboy in grade 5 i changed School and all the Boys didnt liked me and didnt wanted to hang out with me also in grade 6 when i changed School and also in my Christian youth Group but there was one Boy that was more ng out with Girls he got my best friend and i really entjoyed it i still do and than we weht in the youth Group for olders and i found a new Boy to hang out with it is so cool
and i have some promblems if the other Girls watch sports they watch it to saywho Looks good and who dosn t i watch to see the game i m not intrested in and also about the guys we hang out with man he Looks so good and im just intrested in character and what sports they like
man i told it so mess i hope you may can understand a bit


I guess I’ve always been a tomboy. I mean, when I was small I liked girly things like My Little Pony and stuff, but it was only because my mom always told me that it was what little girls were SUPPOSED to like (and I, being four, took her word for it without question). My true self only came through when I started school, and noticed how different I was from all the other girls. I was unofficially the ‘weird girl’ of the class, which really affected my self confidence and still affects me to this day.
I didn’t really have any friends until I met this boy (let’s call him Andy) who introduced me to pokemon, and so began the best school years of my short little 7 year long life. My dad was perfectly fine with it, but my mother? Not so much. Even now she buys me girly dresses when I’m elsewhere and unable to stop her, and she’s always saying that my curly hair looks messy and that I need to straighten it and paint my nails. I love her so much, because she’s a very kind and loving person, but her constant battle to make me more feminine is damaging my self esteem.


Hello my name is Iona. I am 14 years old and I live in Scotland. I have been bullied my whole life for being ‘different’ and ‘not fitting in with the other girls.’ However when it was in primary school I could deal with it becuase I had a lot of guy friends and I didn’t care. But that all changed when I moved to secondary school. In 1st year things were okay, I mostly hanged out with my only friends that was a girl (we can call her H) but she then started to hang out with another girl (let’s call her K). So I went with them until the end of 1 st year but then we got into a fight and didn’t talk. 2nd year was probably the second worst year. At the start I had no friends and the bullying got really bad. I used to sit in a corner by myself and the popular girls would come past and call me name or chuck stuff off of me. I used to be a pretty confident person but they made me feel so self conscious and they made me feel like there is something wrong with me becuase I have short hair and dress like a boy. (Just so it’s clear I am not a lesbian nor am I transgender I am just a tomboy.) I was really shy and hardly ever talked to people I could go a whole day without talking. Half way through the year I started talking to boys I was friends with in primary. This is when everything seemed to be getting better. I was talking more, growing more confident and being a lot happier. I started to play the drums and also stated taking a lot more Intrest in school, ecspeically sciences. Everything was going great that is until I started 3rd year. In 3rd year we can pick our subjects so I choose all 3 sciences, music, maths, English, French, modern studies, RE, PSE, business and PE. In PE we get to choose a sport each term for term one I choose football becuase it is my favourite sport. I was the only girl and all of the boys made fun of me and never passed me the ball or let me go in goals, my preferred postion, I just felt like everything was starting to go downhill again. The bulling started again and I would end up crying every day. Sometimes I would have sucidal thoughts or thoughts about self harm thinking that it was the only way out. We have just gone back to school after the October holidays. The bullying has gotten so much worse. Every single day I get called a boy, transgender, gay or any other names. I find myself crying halfway through my paper round and I go into my bathroom and take a razor but I always manage to stop myself before I do anything. Over this time me and H have stated talking more but no where near as close as we were before. I feel like she only talks to me if her other friends our busy. She never spoke to me or asked if I would like to go to lunch with her the whole time I was alone. Anyway as she is my only friend that is a girl I often talk to her about my problems but she just says it’s not her fault and there is nothing she can do. I am aware it is not her fault but I was just wanting some advice, someone to try and help me. Then she said to me ‘well I can’t help you are always upset’. I don’t know why she can’t understand the amount of bullying I get. When I try to tell her she turns it into a competition and says she has it worse. I am still friends with most of the guys who don’t bully me in my class but I feel like I can’t talk to them about that kind of stuff. The bullying has gotten so bad I was sitting in RE last week and all of the girls started making fun of me. The teacher didn’t notice. The only person who noticed was a boy who I am friends with (let’s call him F). He actually surprised me becuase he kept telling them to stop and making sure I was okay. I started crying at one point becuase they wouldn’t stop but he made sure I was okay and tried his best to get them to stop. I just feel like there is no where to go and no one to tell. I can’t tell my mum becuase she will overreact and probably make me move schools which I don’t want to do. I can’t tell my teachers becuase they don’t do anything or understand anything. If anyone has any advice I could really use it thanks for reading my story.


Sup.  I’m a tomboy and always have been. My worst fears are shopping, makeup, shoes, and worst of all shopping at a shoe store with makeup. The whole thing doesn’t makes sense to me. My mom still doesn’t understand the concept that I’m a tomboy, even after all these years, I say to her, “DUDE you were a tomboy too, what the big deal now?”  Everyone always says to me that I’m gonna grow up to be a girly girl. I say the same thing every time. WATCH ME!  By the way, as a side note, I eat more than three boys combined, but I’m in really good shape. I also love sports like hockey, football, baseball, and basketball. People are really surprised what I say these things because they always say “You know your a girl right?”  The think I’m gender confused, but I’m not. I know I’m a girl people, I just am a little different that most and different isn’t bad.   Trust me if I was born this way, I’m gonna be this way forever.  Who ever is reading thing and having a similar problem don’t be afraid to be who you are. I’m 15 and I’m ok with who I am, so why should everybody else be worried about what your like?  Your you and no one is ever going to change that.


Hi, I’m Nabiha and i am a tomboy. (Duh..) Im a muslim also, and I’m 11 years old. I am not sure if i can be a tomboy in my religion. I always stick with simple sweaters and jeans. I want to cut my hair short but its not because I’m a tomboy, its because  it takes me two hours to do my hair. I don’t want to be a boy, i just want to do boy things…


‘Sup guys. Silver here. It’s not my real name, but I like going by it.

Reading the other stories here makes me cry. I’m currently 11, titling myself under ‘tomboy’ and debating whether or not I would be happier being transgender.

Life’s hard. People have to understand that no one can fit into a specific social norm. No one is the perfect ‘girly girl or ‘tomboy’. I quit dresses since 6 years old and throw tantrums whenever my mum tells me to wear one. Traditionally ‘girl’ things don’t make any sense.

I don’t believe that this feeling would be a choice. I’m close friends with most of the boys at my school, but as I’m in 6th grade, puberty is knocking on our door. I’m growing curves, and started my period. I hate it. At this age, the gender gap increases. Sometimes I just want to be a boy. I want to wake up in a boys’ body.


Hey. My name is Johanna and I’m a tomboy. People alway say I’m a girly girl but I not. My mom is ok with me being a tomboy. But my grandparents are not ok with it. They keeps buying me girly clothes after I tell them I want boy clothes. It get on my nerves. If you see me now you will know I am a tomboy. So my family can deal with it. Bye


Hey,im melisa almost 13 and im a tomboy.i really dont like anything girly. The last time i remember playing with a doll was when i was three. I like skateboarding and love playing football. I DONT like dresses or skirts. Their so uncomfortable and i cant move in them. Sometimes me and my mom would fight of what to wear. Once she took away my jeans and shorts and told me to wear a baby blue dress, that looked like cotton candy. Literary, she came in my room and took all of it. Once she almost signed me into dancing class. I so dont do dancing. I didn’t have so much friends not that i cared. The girls respected me which was weird. I had fhis girl who got picked on but they would leave her alo.e when she was with me. And boys seemed to be intrigued with me they would always talk to me. I got along more with boy than girls. The girl would gossip and be boring. But i respect everyone. A matter my own business. Well thats it. Peace out. ✌


Hi my name is Amanda I am a tomboy and this is my life. When I was born I had to have lots of surgeries. While I was in the hospital my dad went to the store and bought me some clothes. Some of them had camouflage on it, others were Notre dame football. As I grew up and progress in life, I became more and more tomboyish to the point where I’m picky about my clothes. When I was five I had to have my major surgery so I had no choice but to cut my hair. Now, people could hardly tell wheather I’m a boy or a girl I told them that I am a girl, but they just kept asking me and it makes me mad in fact it makes me so MAD, THAT I COULD SAY THAT WORD BUT I DONT WANT TO BECAUSE ITS A JAPANESE CURSE WORD.Yes I’m learning how to speak Japanese maybe that would help me some day. I also love anime and I watch it every day bye for now and don’t do drugs