I’m 14 and I play rugby. I play on a all guys team for my national team. I love the fact that I’m a tomboy! I’m proud of who I am, and all the guys accept me for it. Don’t get me wrong, I love dresses, makeup, and Starbucks, but sometimes its fun to be one of the guys. I couldn’t have asked for a more accepting team, and I’m happy they appreciate the fact I’m the only girl, it makes them have respect for me. I’m a tomboy, and I’m proud.


Hi There, My daughter is 4 and insists she’s a boy. She loves all things boys and has never shown any interest in any ‘girly things’ as does her twin sister. I’ve explained to her that although she’s not a boy she is a tomboy. She wasn’t happy about not being a boy but she is happy about being a tomboy! So to all you tomboys out there – I need some advise! I worry about her… she told me last night that she thinks about being a boy while I sleep… Any advise would be appreciated.


Hi im a tomboy,it’s not easy being a tomboy and want to have tomboy friends of boys,im a muslim if u know what that is,i talk to my mom about what i want to wear, she said she wants me to be a girly girl and i told her i want to be a boy, and she said she does not want another boy,i feel bad and will ignore what she says,i also want to know other tomboys like me and tell me tips on how to man up,i have been a tomboy for 5 years,hate dresses make up and pink.

about me:love football,car, motorcycles,sports,p.e.,cats,black,blue,red,spiderman,anna akana(youtube),spy,ninja,csi…


Hey!Well I am one of those people who loves watching pokemon and doctor who instead of some crappy t v shows some girls watch.
I wear jeans and sneakers.i love video games and sports.
So yeah I am a tomboy.My friends and parents love me for who I am.People,DONT MiND WHAT OTHERS SAY CUZ THOSE WHO MIND DONT MATTER AND THOSE WHO MATTER DONT MIND.
Love yourself for who u are


I am a tomboy. All my friends are boys I dress like a boy and I am bisexual June is my nickname. Sometimes I just get so tired of labels. My mom buys me feminine clothes when I really just want to wear t-shirts and jeans.I sneak out and tag the old brick walls around my block with quotes of peace and inspiration to express myself. Sometimes I am just tired of the labels.


Hey this is Elijah, you can call me Elijah or Eli I don’t care. I think I know why I’m a tomboy. It’s because the other part of me is a boy. Yes, I have a twin brother. He’s Donato. I never used slang or wore a dress in my life, never a skirt. I think its a dumb idea girls have to pitch underhand in softball while boys do overhand in baseball. Luckily I’m a so good pitcher I made a boys baseball team. I play football, baseball, basketball, and soccer. My stepmom is a fashion designer and wants me to be popular. One day she set me up a hang out with the most popular girl I’m my grade. So embarrassing! I’m so glad I have a twin. Supportive. My only friends are boys and all girls strongly dislike me they make fun of me for being a tomboy. It’s terrible😦. But I just think, Why do I care? Shrug it off. Done. I want to get a career as a famous baseball player. Like Felix Hernandez or Justin Smoak(my last name is smoke, pronounced the same), or Michael Saunders. See ya


Hello, (for privacy reasons I’m not telling you my real name)
I am a 14 yr old tomboy going into 9th grade and I dress tomboyish only because my mom won’t let me dress in full on boy clothes. I mean she will let me have an occasional boy shirt or flannel but if I see a pair of guys pants that I like she will look at me and say ‘but those are boys pants” she won’t let me have a short haircut like a pixie cut because she said it will make me look like a lesbian, it will make me look like a boy who is cross dressing in womens clothing and so on, not that I have a problem with people who are gay in any way but i wouldn’t care if I looked like a lesbian. It sucks because she won’t let me be who I am.


Hello, guys! Well im ritika and of course i m a tomboy. Im in 8th grade. I love to stay with my guys. Well i dont like to be with girlz because they eat my ears n talk so much.I always behaved like a boy and my mum didnt liked it but my dad loved my style. People often think that im a lesbian but i really dont care. My mum always forces or flatters me so that i could wear a girly dress. But i always refuse and happy in my jeans, sneakers and hoodies. Once i tried to be with a girl group of my grade and u wont believe what happened. It was sick and they talked about some shit. Bout boys and all. It made me like givin em a punch but i ran away and never tried to talk to them . But im happy with my buddies and happy with some rock n roll stuff.


Hi, wow, where shall I begin?

I’ll start off by telling y’all a little about myself. My name is Jane, I am an aspiring writer, I live in Texas, and I am thirteen years old. Most importantly, I have short hair, a pixie cut, and have had it that way since 2012.

The bullying started the first time I posted a photo to Instagram. It was a selfie of myself in a bikini. My friends and families liked it, naturally, but some random person found it and asked “are you a boy or a girl?”

It didn’t really bother me. People are stupid. I replied, “I sure hope I am a girl because I’m in a bikini.” They didn’t reply again, and I made my Instagram private.

A few months later, after the incident had been forgotten, I publicized my Instagram and also signed up for other sites like Vine, iFunny, and Tumblr. Then the cyber bullies came.

They said things like “I can’t tell if you’re a prepubescent boy or a chick” or “Girl? Guy? Both?” And plenty of other nasties.

I like selfies. I like pictures of myself, and I like the internet. I like who I am, who my friends are, and where I am. But, it seems, the world can’t accept that.

I dress in “boy” clothes. T-shirts, jeans, et cetera. They’re comfortable. I wear them every day.

I identify as female. I wear female underclothes, use the women’s bathroom, I am completely satisfied with being female, until it comes to the bullies.

I was chased out of school last semester by a group of cheerleaders who threw things at me like “trans” or “gay”, even though I have a boyfriend. I do not want to move schools as the Language Arts section is well-renowned and I have grown up in this town with my friends with no events thus far. It was only when I entered middle school that the people from other elementary schools began to verbally attack me.

I got my ears pierced and have made plans to grow my hair out, but I am still unhappy. My mother attempts to get me to wear more “feminine” clothing and also wants me to get into makeup, though I turn her down every time because I feel makeup masks the beauty within and also just sits on my face like a mask. (No offense to you makeup users, of course).

I cut my hair short in the first place because I am also a very avid softball player, and it got in the way of my catcher’s equipment. I do remember, however, that at the birthday party I attended directly after my haircut the first thing anyone said to me was from a girl named Elena who rushed up to me and yelled, “JANE! OHMYGOD! YOU LOOK LIKE A BOY!” And I remember this sinking feeling in my stomach like, ‘I’ve just made a terrible mistake’ even though I don’t really feel like that as I love my hair and who I am.

Sorry for ranting. Guess I’ve held this in too long. If y’all have any thoughts, please, PLEASE reply!