I’m 21 this year, and you could say I’m half tomboy, as for my liking to some girly things and some boyish things. I was very girly as a child. I wore dresses, danced about and sang, played with Barbie dolls, was into everything pink, purple, and princessy. I was also into playing with toy cars, playing in the mud at times making mud pies, and kept snails, worms, and slaters. I also always loved creepy things, and horror films.
As a kid I wanted to keep a baby tiger shark in the swimming pool we use to have, but mum said it will grow big and will need more space. (I now fear sharks due to a nightmare I had a long time ago).
There were times I said I wanted to keep a bat, a snake, a white owl, a wolf, or even a dragon, (though dragons are impossible to have, but I do wish they wee real. I love dragons with all my heart).
We were going to have a snake when we had pet mice, but that never happened.
I became dressing and acting less girly and developed a more male behaviour. I didn’t like being girly, I wished I weren’t a “weakling” nor a whimp, but that I can’t change. I came to find that I have an Anxiety Disorder, (also I’m Autistic, but some people think I don’t seem like it).
I rarely wear dresses, and when I do, I mainly wear pants underneath, though I may look a little silly. Shorts came out for girls’ uniform in High School when I was in year 9, and then I’ve been wearing them instead of skirts. Mum thought it was best because the way I sit was more…the way a guy sits.
Dad didn’t like me spitting when I was younger because he said it’s disgusting so I stopped that.
My parents don’t care what I’m into as long as it makes me happy.
I use to joke about being a boy that someone actually believed me and asked, “Are you really a boy?” I did say no, I’m joking.
When walking into the school one time, a girl behind me asked, “Excuse me, are you a boy?”
I had my hair dyed black and it was short, and I was wearing shorts then, too.
An old friend of mine was walking next to her and said, “That’s Cody, don’t pick on her.” And the girl asked, “Why?” And then she said, “Because, she’s my friend.”
I knew this girl in primary, her older sister’s my age, and nice, but this girl, was not nice. She was always mean.
A close friend told me I shouldn’t joke around saying I’m a boy because people are going to believe it. She didn’t like the fact I wanted to be one and that I had an interest in blood and gore, all this creepy.
Anyway, not liking to wear dresses and skirts, I was told is not really a sign that you’re boyish. It just means you don’t like to wear them.
Not all tomboys hate dresses and skirts and want short hair. Some would wear something underneath, like tights, and wear their hair long. avoiding the bright frilly colours and patterns, wearing only minimal make-up, mostly eyeliner, lipgloss, or lip balm.
Being a tomboy matters by the way you act than the way you dress.
I don’t even wear heels, but I’m ok with a pair of boots with heels. Plus I don’t mind the look of shoes, well, the more Gothic styled shoes I love as well as plain shoes.
I have two zombie shirts from the Men’s section I will be having for my 21st birthday. Funny though, mum had no idea it was the men’s section (at Supré), and then she wanted my sister and I over to the women’s, and we both agreed the men’s were better. So my sister got a Batman top, and I got two zombie shirts.
I do own a men’s flannelette shirt as well. I never really get anything from the Men’s section even though I really, really want some shirts from there. I do love some films that were more aimed for the male audience, and I also love Monster High and Ever After High. I don’t care if they’re aimed for the younger age, though the way they dress is more for teens it looks like.
I played video games since I could remember. I had a Playstation and a Game Boy, and now own an Xbox 360. I rarely play it. The last game I played was probably Skyrim. I’m not into Call of Duty, at all. I also love Alice: Madness Returns. I did play a bit of Halo when I was in high school, I absolutely hated team sports. I don’t mind a small group I know who is doing it for fun when not doing sport, but morons who act like it’s the damn Championships. Plus I can never stand the sound of a ball kicking, my heart jumps due to fear of getting hurt. I can never have fun without being blamed for getting out of the way. I fear a lot of things because of my anxiety.
I’m not purely a tomboy, but I guess only half since I still like, some girly things. I do suck at putting make-up on. My sister is a pro at make-up, but I never wear it. A few times I just wore dark eyeshadow around my eyes or something, maybe a bit of pink or brownish lipstick.
I use to have dreams of being a guy, felt as if experiencing what it’s like. Not long ago I dreamt I was in a play for Romeo and Juliet, and I played Romeo. I do have an interest in taking a male role, to pretend I’m a guy at times.


Yo im 13 and been a tomboy for 13 years and my aunt keeps saying that i have to wear girls/girly clothes and i hate them i wear all boys clothes and im in the army cadets, football team and love rugby but people judge me coz im a tomboy i use to have really short hair and look just like a boy but coz of my aunt i cant have boys hair. im aloud to wear boys clothes but coz i wear boys clothes and have long hair i look like someone of off black veil brides which i dont care coz i like black veil brides and my aunt thinks i’ll never get anywhere in life.


So im in 8th grade and im a tomboy most of my friends are guys and they treat me as a equal but the ‘popular’ guys think im ugly and talk trash about me. I use to not care until i was separated from my friends because i was in a different class thats when i heard the horrible things they said about me. my mom hates my tomboy antics and tries her best to do my hair and put me in dresses. My father is glad that im a tomboy but he always yells at me for no reason. Being a tomboy has made life hard but im not (sorry for language) gonna let some sorry son’s of bitches make me change the can all did in a fucking hole for all i care so if your a tomboy being bullied tell them to fuck off. you dont need no one to tell you who you cant be!


Hi I’m cody and im a tomboy and proud to be one. I like being tomboy because I feel comfy being myself. I hate the colour pink but my favourite colours are green blue red and black. I love sports like football and my favourite sport is dodgeball. All the girls in my class are girly and it’s difficult not having anyone to relate to. All the women and girls in my family are pretty girly and I’m sorta the odd one out. At my aunties baby shower my disgustingly girly older cousin megan forced me too wear a dress and I was miserably for the whole two hours. I hate makeup it hides your inner beauty and another reason I hate make up is because I’m allergic to eyeliner. Sadly I’m an only child so I’m always lonely but I would love to have an older or younger brother who would play football outside with me and also play minecraft but to make up for it I have an amazing little cousin and he is like the light of my life I always love getting to hang out with him. I hang out with the girls but only because the boys think I’m a freak. The girls actually bet saying I was gonna be girly by the end of school and I’m just wtf what gives you the right to bet on what I’m going to be like in the future. I also get a lot of shit for being kinda small but all the people in my family are small and I feel like saying to them well what the fuck do you expect me to do ,grow you prick but im way to nervous about standing up for myself. I have read a lot of the stories hear and most of them say I like wearing boy clothes so that’s something I’m thinking about doing and finally don’t let other people tell you how to act they just have ugly souls and feel better by making someone else feel worse. Thnx for reading.👊 brofist (I luv PEWdiepie).

Tully Jane

Hi I’m a tomboy and I’m in 7th grade now. My mom and my dad are separated. My mom loves who I am and doesn’t mind that I’m a tomboy. My dad, who I live with now, doesn’t like me wearing boy clothing. I just started school but there is a problem… I am so used to being called a boy that I am used to it and I don’t correct people when they say that I’m a boy. It’s been about 2 months in the school year and all but one of my classmates think I’m a boy. I like being a boy I think I feel more in control instead of being juged and stuff. I hate being juged and I’m scared of telling everyone that I’m really a girl. And remember this is middle school we are talking about. I have learned to keep my secret for now and not many suspect otherwise. I know I’m really stupid for starting this and not ending this I’m just scared. Anyone care to give me some edvice?


Hey fellow tomboys! I am a 12 year old girl in 7th grade who wishes her name was Makoto! I hate makeup and dresses and things of the sort. I am a tomboy. Well I get the feelingy my mom wants me to be more girly on the inside. She doesn’t force me to wear a dress/skirt or wear makeup unless its a special occasion. She let me have a pixie cut. I have mostly gal
friends and a few guy friends. One of my gal friends is actually a tomboy like me. :) So I love playing video games and I’m not much into sports although sometimes wheny class goes outside(my teacher takes us out when its not snowing/raining)I will sometimes play soccer. Other times I
play tag with some gals and guys. In my classes, I only have a few friends in
them. The rest of my friends have different scedules. There is this one popular girl in my class who calls herself a “tomboy” who seems pretty girly to me besides the fact that she plays sports. I have a friend that would wear hear hair up instead of down because she got mean stares from people. I am disgusted by that. Just be yourself, not someone your not.


hi, i don’t want to say my full name, but you can call me Clay. i’m 13 and going through this akward girly-ish to Tomboy transition. i was always a tomboy at heart, but since couldn’t commit to sports (i’d rather read or draw), i tried to be girly, when that failed i decided to try for at least a year the tomboy life, but thats hard ’cause my moms very traditional and believes that girls should look their best and serve their family, but i don’t want that. my family expect me to grow up like my cousins, who are successful and proper, but i want to live like a dud while still being a girl, which is much more fun than what my family wants. true i do try hard in school, and i dont swear and stay off social media, and I’m totally cool with that, and i even want to go to a good university. but my entire problem is my parents trying to mild me like clay (hens the nickname) into the perfect little girl, when i feel thats its a bit to late for that when they’ve been traveling most of my life so i live with nannies. and its even worse that my parents are trying to train me as a little housewife by making me babysit and act like the mom, when really i’d rather be playing video games . i know shouldn’t complain about chores, but they don’t make my brother do them even though he has been able to cook for a while now (and hes only 10). my parents would say that we have a good relationship, but thats only because i shut up so i don’t get into trouble when i want to argue. all in all i think my anguish is because they try to raise me like a little african girl, when was born and raised as a canadian hockey lover (i’m african canadian) and it desnt help that they make me move to africa in the middle of the best years of my life, i seriously almost went through depression and the age of 9. well its nice to rant for a longtime, sorry if it was long but i had a lot of stuff to complain about after 4 years of shutting up.


Hey what’s up dudes, people call me dash but my real name is katrina and some also call me kat. I’ve been a tomboy seems 9 and I like it people call me dash because I run super fast! I won a lot of running contest and got 1st prize.My mum always complains that i am a tomboy she wants me to do “girly” stuff. I play all kinds of sports and my mum hate it.she wants me to dance like ballet,tap dance and Latin. I really hate that My small brother understands me he is 3 years younger than me I’m 15 his 12 his is ok well that’s my story.


I’m 17 and I’ve been a tomboy for as long as I can remember. I used to play football and cricket when I was 6 but ever since I started looking more feminine, it seems boys are hesitant to play with girls. I never wore dresses and never bothered to look good with make up. I always hanged out with boys since I never really understood girls and their fashion senses.
When I moved schools, I did drama and I had to play different characters. One was a mayor – so one day I decided to dress the part. I wore a three piece suit to school and everyone asked why. Though I did say it was for drama, a part of me didn’t enjoy having to explain myself to people. I also felt as if I was giving an excuse to wear it – and I was. My role did not require me to dress like that, but when I grabbed my brother’s waistcoat and tie, and I looked in the mirror. I never felt more happy.

I always used to wear t-shirts and items that my mum would deem appropriate for my gender. But, ever since I dressed for my role – I wanted to dress everyday like that.
I used to glance and admire, but never dare to enter the men’s section since I cared what other people perceived of me. But now, with a pixie cut and a ‘not give a rats-ass’ attitude, I have more freedom and I enter as I please. However my parents are against me dressing like a boy. “You’re a girl, so you should act like one!”. It’s still hard to convince them that this is who I am but I don’t really allow their comments to get to me. (But sometimes it still irks me).

I’ve learnt that people are naturally going to judge you, but you shouldn’t allow it to get to you. You should dress as you please and do what makes you happy. Afterall, it is your life and they are not the one’s living it, so make the most of it. :)


Hi everyone I’m cody and im 11 years old. I’m proud to say I’m a tomboy. I’m from Scotland and all the girls in my class are girly. I’m still friends with all of them but I feel like an outcast when I’m near then because they always talk about makeup and hot celebs. All the boys think I’m weird. I like sports such as football,basketball, running and my favourite sport dodgeball. at my school I am like the dodgeball queen. I love all animals big or small. I love to get muddy and my granda taught me to laugh at my pain because whenever I get hurt I just laugh. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE makeup it is disgusting and it hide your inner self. The girls in my class all say I’m going to be as girly as my disguistly girly girl cousin Megan and I always tell them I’m not going to be and they’ve all made bets how disgusting they’re betting about what I’m going to be like in the future. Sadly I’m an only child so im always lonely and I never met my dad and I have always lived with my mum and yet I’m still tomboy what a suprise I hate the colour pink and one of the reasons I’m a tomboy is because at my school all girls are girly and all boys try to act tough and to me that just doesn’t feel right. Thankfully I have an amazing little cousin WHO IS A BOY HALLELUJAH and me and him always go outside and play football or stay inside and play the Xbox. Megan is always trying to give me a makeover and I think she is a girly female jabba the hut. I’m allergic to watery eyeliner so that’s good because even if megan try’s to hold me down to do a makeover she still can’t do eyeliner thank god and finally don’t let people tell you who to be or what to be you’ll be yourself and that’s all that matters and they’ll just be ugly in there heart. Thank you 👍.