Hi, I would really like your advices…
So… As you can see my name is Oriana, I’ll be 14 this year and I’m a tomboy, but I don’t look like one at all. Since I can remember I was scared of cutting my hair and when my mom wanted to trim it I always cried and stuff. When I was little I was like every other girl – I liked pink, dresses, skirts and such, but in the 1st grade I started to hate those things. I was to scared to tell my parents, but I actually refused to wear skirts and dresses, so I wore pants all the time. When all of the girls were playing with their dolls and talking about boys I was happily playing Pokemon on my DS, talking with boys about computers and stuff like that. About that time I refused to wear clothes from my older bro, but now I’m actually taking his hoodies. Last year when I stopped being girly at all I heard about tomboys and I finally found my place in the world, but still, I don’t look like one… I’m in 7th grade now, so it was a new school and everyone was like: “I want to have hair long as yours!” and so on, but I was always telling myself in mind, that I want to have it short like my bro.
I want to tell my parents, that I want to cut my hair short, but it’s past my waist and I really can’t get myself to talk to them. I started to wear boys’ clothes to give them a sign, but they don’t seem to notice, so I don’t know what to do… Please, tell me how to talk to them about me being a tomboy.
I’m also really sorry about mistakes in my post if there are any, english is not my native language.


Hi! I’m Donna and I’m 9 years old and i’m a tomboy. I just love sports that include balls, like dodgeball, soccer, basketball, baseball, and stuff. All the girls in school treat me like a weirdo exept for like, a few other goood-natured kids. they put makeup and come to school, and wear like, pik-frilly stuff. the fact that I dread skirts (very inconvenient while playing soccer!!!) makes me a totall weirdo. all the boys let me blend into them amd become one of the crazee-soccer maniacs. so, I fit in pretty much normally. I just thought i was meant to be a boy because i love such boyish stuff, but now that i relize that there are tons of people who love soccer and baseball like me, I’m thrilled, and really proud to be a tomboy. My wish is that girls exept me into one of them and stop throwing me weird glances when i cheer really loudly if someone scores a goal in soccer games. so… concluding, (?!!) i’m super ultra really proud to be a tomboy, and i’m glad that there are a lot of people that are like me.


Hi, my name is Eryka! I play on MSP and I’m fricking proud of it! When I went on a chatroom some1 said “ew! A boy!” And I was like: “your parents didn’t teach u any manners?” She was like: “what?” BAM! I’m not a little girl crying. And in real life I have really 1 really close bestie who is a tomboy too. I like being with the boys but I know boys >.< they only flirt! Ew! Being a tomboy doesn't suck really. Tomboys have a strong personality, have the swag B) and r themselves. Most of them don't care about useless stuff so keep on going!

Jenn/ Jeff

I’m 13 and I’m a tomboy nerd. Okay. 98% tomboy! I have hair that ends at my shoulders (I HATE IT SO MUCH.) and… I’m the cleanest freak. A lazy clean freak. I haven’t told my family yet and I’m very strong with what I think. But I don’t have the guts to say it. When i do, I always get shoved down into the pit of despair. That just gets rid of my confidence. My only confidence: internet and my lucky parka. I can’t get a binder because I haven’t told my family I’m a tomboy. I hate my boobs. I lost all of my confidence that was in me from them.and my boobs are HUGE for my age. I don’t want them. I just want to get breast reduction surgery and be flat. I haven’t been breathing the same and red sores, scratches, etc have been appearing on them. I consulted my mum, she declined. I’m not accepted for who I am. My English teacher likes to send kids out by gender. When he says boys first I stand up and what I guess you can call the Queen Bee of middle school grabbed my hoodie and shoved me to the ground. But I usually just try to ignore her. No one believes me and no one helps me. Not even the English Teacher. Not even the school counselor. I can’t move or contact police because there’s no home phones, and I don’t have a phone.okay, maybe I do but I’m afraid of calling the cops.i’m also atheist and the popular kids are Christian so I’m a natural target for a game of:”WHO CREATED THIS” They once wrote on my locker: “gay,lesbian, freak,b*tch” it hurt so much. I can’t erase it off, it was written in permanent and I got detention. I won’t commit suicide, because I have an ambition. But I’m a tomboy, and I’m proud. I’m a excellent swimmer and I love video games, or tech in general. I just want to be known as a man. I refer to myself as man, and I’m going to be known as man.


Im in 9th grade and Ive been a tomboy for as long as I can remember although I once was into pink and make up. Most of my friends are tomboys too but not as much as me. I am the only one who wishes that I had short hair and could never wear a skirt or dress, I dont even want to wear those unconfortable skinny jeans or blouses and cardigans. I wish I had more guy friends because my tomboy friends are not in my regular classes. But the guys dont seem to want to be friends with me, they are more interested in teasing the other girls. They also dont seem to understand that Im trying to be fri


So, I just recently turned 15. High school has actually been good to me, so far.

At a young age, I was brainwashed into the whole liking pink and dolls and skirts. When I got into second grade, I met a third grade girl who became my friend. I thought she was so cool (being older than me and such.) One time the subject of favorite colors came up – which wasn’t even a question, right? Because every girl’s favorite color is pink. But then she told me her favorite color was blue. Blue? What? And she asked me what was my favorite color, and I panicked (I didn’t want to seem lame!) and so I said blue too.

And I realized I DID like the color blue. And so I started directing my mom towards the blue clothing in the girls section (which was pretty hard, but I did it, despite most girls clothes being pink). By fourth grade I was the girl who liked blue, A LOT. I wore blue everyday. My mom would bring it up sometime, like, “Are you suuuureee you want this in blue? Why not pink? Or purple?” But I avoided pink like it was the plague.

Then comes middle school. Okay, so up until now, I wasn’t worried about looks. I got my cheesy t-shirts from Old Navy that said “OMG! LOL! BFF!” on them. I wore bootcut jeans. But when I went to seventh grade I could see that that was UNACCEPTABLE. So I bought a hoodie, some skinny jeans, and a few blouses from the girl’s Target section. And I think that’s how I avoided being bullied. I dressed like every other girl, if a bit plain. My hair, that had been to my butt, was now cut a little past my shoulders (I liked short hair in general, but it was sooo blunt and still kinda long and really unflattering for my roundish face. It made me look childish.)

But, just like about every other girl, I became insecure with my appearance. My best friend at the time, who’d I had met in sixth grade, was always really pretty, but it was widely recognized in middle school. She wore pre-ripped Levi’s and white Vans shoes and little crop tops from Hollister. Her popularity shot way up, and we sort of stopped talking to each other.

Sometime in seventh grade, something changed inside of me. I had one of my “friends” comment on how I looked. She said something like, “Wow, you know you look like a little kid in those clothes – like, everyone here looks like high schoolers already and you look like you’re in fifth grade.”

That struck a chord. By seventh grade, I had stopped growing and was insecure about my height (I’m only 4 ft 9!), I was insecure about how fat I was (the P.E. physical test showed that I was in danger of being overweight), I was insecure about the keratosis pilaris on my skin (it was really obvious and kept me from wearing t-shirts/shorts), and now this girl was telling my even my clothes were terrible? I WAS NOT HAVING THIS.

I totally rearranged my wardrobe. I donated four or more bags of clothes to Goodwill, and I only bought the plain clothes from the girl sections, no more bright teals or ugly patterns, just a black hoodie and skinny jeans.

They were just comfortable. And I liked how they looked. But I realized how fat I was. So I started actually working in P.E. I joined track and field with my friends – and I LOVED IT.

Eighth grade rolls around, and I still have my sort-of-tomboy-but-not-enough-for-people-to-notice-i’m-one look. That was the year I realize I was bisexual, and then come out to my friends (a couple of my friends were already out as gay so they all were totally okay with it). Halfway through the year, and I FINALLY CONVINCED MY MOM TO HAVE MY HAIR CUT. SHORT. Since I’d lost a lot of weight (seven pounds I think?) my face was much slimmer, and I felt confident in short hair. And so I went to the hair salon (where my aunt works, haha) and got a sort of long pixie cut (you know, sort of long in the back and long sideburns and a lot of bangs.)

And when I went to school, people LOVED IT. They really did! Maybe because I live in the Bay Area where everyone is accepting but random people in my class actually COMPLIMENTED ME! And I was so happy.

And then I started going to the boys section for clothes. My mom was (sort of) okay with it. I bought boy jeans and boy shirts and button ups and cardigans and hoodies and sneakers. And then I changed up my hair. I got my sideburns cut short like a guys, and the bangs short like a guy. Basically I forced my aunt to give me a guy hairstyle. My mom was obviously terrified about it and told me daily how she wished I would grow out my hair. People did NOT compliment me on it, more like – “Oh uh – you cut your hair? Again?”

Because now I didn’t have the whole girl-with-short-hair going on. I had the girl-with-short-hair-that-made-her-look-like-a-guy. Along with my boyish clothing, lots of people mistook me for a guy. It was especially embarrassing when I was with my mom, and the cash register person or even one of her friends thought I was her son.

In the craziness of my eighth grade, I started wishing I was a boy. If I was a boy, then people wouldn’t look at me weird, or ask why I didn’t wear girl clothes, and I would be “normal”. I think I was kind of depressed during eight grade. I cried a lot at night. I had mood swings. I didn’t like talking much. I didn’t have a best friend to confide in.

So I started telling my friends I was a guy. I was transgender. And I was in the market for a new name. They were completely accepting, the few friends that I had, and they used male pronouns for me.

Then the summer happened. I went to New York with my mother to visit relatives. I brought a lot of dresses to counteract my short hair, even though I was NOT comfortable wearing them. I just didn’t want to make a bad impression on my relatives. I didn’t want them to ask my mom if I was a lesbian (which isn’t really accepted when you’re Vietnamese!) or call me ugly behind my back. I just didn’t need that. I’d finally gotten out of school, and I was tired of it.

So then high school started. I decided I didn’t want to be a boy, and told my friends so, and that I just wanted to be “genderqueer” – like, I felt inbetween male and female. And I told them to call me Quinn, which was an androgynous name. And they were happy for me, and it felt great, y’know? My super short hair was still being grown out, and I wore super skinny jeans and my girly button up almost every day so no one would think I was a boy.

Then I thought, “I don’t want to be called Quinn anymore. But I don’t want to be called by my birth name. Am I really ‘genderqueer’? No – wait – I’m a girl. Right?”

And I was so confused. Eventually I drifted away from the friends I had come out to about my gender, and I became friends with other, admittedly friendlier and happier, people that I’d known vaguely in middle school but now knew better now. I didn’t tell them anything about wanting to be a boy, and they knew me as a girl. And I’m okay with that now, actually. There’s nothing wrong with being transgender, but I realized that that wasn’t me. My hair is still really short, but it isn’t a pixie cut. It’s a really short bob that’s really flattering to my face and makes me feel good. I wear super skinny jeans and sweaters from Forever 21, but mostly I like my button ups and t-shirts and sweatpants and clunky sneakers.

I consider myself “stylish” now. I wear pretty nice clothes and like to put time into my outfits. I wear boy clothes, but also plain girl clothes. I don’t like skirts or dresses or jewelry, and I would never wear ballet flats, but I don’t limit myself to one side of thinking, like I HAVE to be a girly girl or I HAVE to dress like a total boy. Honestly, I dress sort of androgynously, and I just wear what I want to wear because I can. And I have lots of friends that accept that and that I can have fun with. And all the “normal” straight people don’t bother me anymore. Sometimes, they compliment my outfits too.

Basically, accept yourself. And you do you. Some people would call me a tomboy, some would not. Some think I’m lesbian, but who cares. I love my hair and I love the fit body I’m working towards. I don’t like my given name, so I chose a new name for myself – Noel. And I’m not sure exactly was I am gender-wise, but I’m not looking for a label. I’m just me. And you’re just you.

Thanks for reading my story :)


Hi my name is faith but i am as country and tomboy as they come or so i like to think. At school we get to sit were ever we want and one day when i was in school the girls were alway picking on me so the boys offered me a set, of cores i sat down and turns out we all became best friends. The boys like me because i am “attractive”. The girls say that i am one just for attention but i don’t i do it because its who i am. I love the nature in fact when i was 3 i learned how to shoot a gun. I have cattle and horses. The only girl in my whole inter school that is a farmer. And so the boys love me, they say faith you know your the only girl that can shoot a gun like a man, mud like one too, throw a football like a football player, and put up a fight, also that will never back down

Although i am a tomboy every one has a little bit of girly in them. So mine is that when i was 3 i was in pageants won all of them. And now that I’m in 6th grade. I have trend into a little bit more girly, but i am still tomboy at heart. So thanks for reading my tomboy story.
Fellow tomboy country girl,


HI I AM A TOMBOY IM 12 years old.well when I was 3 I learned how to shoot a handgun and that my mama made me be in well fashion shows hated it. But at school when I was in 3rd grade when I had brought in my like 80 the deer pick Evey boudy called me bullet. Now I am in 6th grade and all the girls make fun of me for it. but I hang with the boys that every one likes. And as soon as a girl says hay can you ask this guy out for me my answer is nope.that’s only well if I know he hates her. And all the girls get mad at me for dateing some of my best friends oh,well I guess. But I am not all about sports nope I have 8 fair trophys. In concloucion I hang tough with the boys I hunt fish and can show a wild bull like a piece of cake. I love the nature and being a tomboy I still like being in fashion shows but never where pink always CAMO 💓💓💓💓. So all my fellow tomboys out their stay unique and stay original


Hey thiz is me Sam.I am 19 years old.I am in my first year in college.I am a tomboy.I wear mixed clothing, I buy some of my clothes from boys section and some from girls section.Actually from inside I feel that I am a boy but unfortunately I am a girl anatomically.I dont want to go for surgery & all because I am quite ok with my condition.I am extremely shy and I have only 2 friends.One is girl and another is guy.I dont know why I feel shy to talk to girls.But with guys I feel a bit comfortable in case of talking.I want my friends to treat me as a guy but they do not do that unfortunately.Girls of my class are not comfortable to talk to me cause they think that i am weird.Boys of my class treat me as a girl all the time which feels weird to me.I feel awkward when people stare at me when I walk through the streets.Some pass comments,”Are you a boy or a girl?” I just hate this.Thats why I feel lonely.I sometimes act a bit girly.This is my negative point I know.Iassert my gender to be in between male and female.You can get both the flavours in me.I actually want some tomboy friends which seems impossible at this point of time.My friend Kheyalee understands me to some extent which is a good thing.But I get only a little time to talk to her maybe 2 days in a months or not even that.I am a good student And I work hard to get the first place in class.My mom is my friend but I cannot share this things with her.So I want a friend who may be a guy or a girl who will understand me for who I am and to whom I can share my feelings with.Please let Me know if anyone wanna be my friend..


Hey, I’m chloe, and I’m a tomboy also, or at least think I am. Is it werid for me to be called Cole or something? I mean, I get bullied alot because of it. I really want to be a boy, and not because of periods and stuff, but because I’m not comfortable being a female. I’m 14 and act tuff and all that but, ever since my mom passed away march, I felt sad and even more lIke a boy. She was okay with me we wearing boy underwear and binding my chest, but now I can’t even have my hair short because my dad says its disrespectful, is that true, plese help…