I’m 13, a tomboy but I go to and all girls school. Sure, it’s not all bad but it wasn’t even my first choice of school. You have to wear a skirt but I’m used to that now however school is the only place I actually wear one. Constantly being told to tuck in my shirt and roll down my blazer sleeves, joy! At home and out side of school I wear jeans and tshirts. I have average length hair which I kind of want to get cut short but I don’t have the guts even though my family knows I’m a tomboy. I’m ok with being a girl but I want to act, dress and live like a boy. I love video games and one of my closest friends Is a boy. Does anyone know any easy ways to ask parents for a pixie cut? I also want to change my style a bit and I think a hair cut would help that. Thanks and I really love reading all your stories too!


I am a tomboy and next year I have to go to an all girls school I’ve been a tomboy my whole life. I hate it when my mom talks to family members about how I like boy stuff. I wish I could find friends that are like me


Hi all. I’m a 41 year old mum of two boys, 10 & 12. I have been a tomboy pretty much all my life. On a few occasions, I have tried the girly lifestyle; primarily to try to fit in. Never worked. I am only just now embracing my tomboyedness.

I started an apprenticeship as a truck mechanic two months ago and I adore my job. I do body building and I love being strong. I have my hair short and I rarely wear make up. I am happiest in shorts, tank top and runners. I intend to build my sons’ cars for when they turn 18. And my happiest days are wrestling with my boys and telling fart jokes.

You are all so young. My advice is to be true to yourself. I was always too afraid and I have lost opportunities due to my fears. People will love you or hate you, no matter what, so be you, enjoy being you and know you have a place for you on the planet!

I am content being me. Others don’t like me, understand me, relate to me and it can get lonely. At least I am now my best friend and my boys adore me. I also have a couple of friends who would not change me.

Stand tall in who you are. I bet you are all amazing young women and there are plenty of facebook pages devoted to mighty women, smart girls and people like us.


For me, being a tomboy has mixed feelings…to be honest I grew up liking girly toys, clothes, etc. I still enjoy those things– I find them attractive and pretty. However as I grew up I found myself attracted to activities sterotypically regarded as masculine. I wanted to be a spy, and Adventurer, I wanted to kick butt, be the hero and save the girl– type thing. I soon found myself obsessing over male protagonist in movies, novels, cartoons, and comics. But it felt as if my feelings were different from other girls– yes I did very much find them attractive (I’m heterosexual) but it was more to an extent of I was VERY jealous of them and how attractive they are. These boys are cute and cool and I wanted to be cute and cool too… though don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-female or pro-male…in fact I think I became irritated because none of the boys around me lived up to the fantasy world boys. I think at this point I decided I’ll just become my own ideal boy PFFFT (I’m kind of only realizing this as I type it). Now however, I feel a bit stuck. I like men, this I’m sure of…however I get a good feeling out of making girls happy or (god I sound like a perv, please forgive me) getting them to blush. I like the feeling of being liked, hugged, touched (in non sexual ways– completely innocent ) by girls however sexually I’m not attracted to them.

Now on the topic of style– I myself as if right now dress a few days out of the week in this almost androgynous (can’t spell for the life of me) like then the other times pretty average girl like. However for the past four years only my sister had known about me wearing male clothes while my parents were out. This is the first time I cut my hair short only the last month and attempted to wear what I’ve been wearing in secret to school in some degree– the real kicker was my dad who is set on girls should look like girls, while luckily my mother was a farm girl and is more accepting of this tomboy style. ANYWAY– my advice to girls who are too afraid to go for the tomboy look because of their parents– gradually ease them into it, it may be irritating but rebel then give them what they want then repeat– for me, I cut my hair to just a little above the shoulders, its a bit too long but I have to ease my dad into it as my hair was practically to my waist only a few weeks ago. Soon I will cut it a little more till I achieve what I want. As for clothes I came up with excuses to be allowed to shop in the mens section (though I had been doing this long before, even with long hair– in fact I dressed more manly with long hair than short PFFT ) — my favorites are ”girl’s clothes have been becoming too tacky these days and mens clothes are becoming what girls clothes use to be” and ”*insert guy friend’s name here* told me guy clothes are cheaper (which they are) but just as good quality as girl’s, I’m sure if I put this with something cute it’ll turn out great” or a simple lie I say to my dad all the time ”dad! Don’t you think this would look good with a skirt/bow/girly accessory? I found it in the guys section, crazy right?” <—- its all about manipulation man.

Sorry for this long ass post– its kind of the first time I've been able to talk about this to anyone–


Um so… It’s difficult to explain. I am a tomboy, but the thing is that when I was little I played video games like mad, excelled in tennis, went crazy for football (soccer for all the Americans out there), was loud and curious and never saw how this made me any different from the other girls. Never. I could talk about football as much as I wanted.
I go to a school where everyone knows me as ‘different’ and ‘awkward’. It may be in a good way, but I don’t see how that’s nice. I am limited because I’m a girl and all I can do is watch.


hi im tomboy obviously.i looove sports and vid games. I have lots of boy clothes. i hang out w boys andthey r used to me. thx u all 4 sharing. u helped me see im not the only 1. :)


I’ve always been a tomboy. Since I learned how talk I’ve been trying to reject dresses. My mum didn’t like it and nor did my dad in a way. Although it was partially his fault I ended up like this because my dad is always saying how he wants a third child and a boy. At home no one relies on me and gives me a fake image. At school in primary girls HAD to wear skirts. So I always violated the uniform and wore shorts underneath and wore tights below with my high tops. Everyone treated me like a boy except teachers. I couldn’t when I joined because I was seen automatically as weak and petty being a girl. So I had to show them that I could play and that worked and everyone finally gave in and treated me like one of the guys. I hung out with boys a lot but I was friends with girls too. Even some girly-girls but they just annoyed me. My best guy-friend treated me like a MAN. He would kick me and punch me full force with no restraint and that made me feel happy. Then, near the end of primary I grew feelings but I ignored them and still acted all giddy with him. It happened again in secondary. The uniform was weird but shorts were allowed. Boys would always test me to see if I was who I showed myslef as. It was such a bother. I hung out with weird people. None were like me but it was fun. And when I found a crush…It was only because of his ability in sports. Found out he was just a rival. I’m barely seen as a girl and often get mistaken but I don’t mind. I’m not sure why there are stories about people not wanting to be tomboys because its ‘lame’. I’m happy with it. I find it better being in the middle of boys and girls instead of being judged on your gender. That applies to ‘Tomgirls’ too.


My name is Audrey and I honestly don’t know if I consider myself fully as a tomboy. What I mean is that I act like a boy prior to what stuff I am into. For example, I ALWAYS wear t-shirts and SELDOM wear sleeveless shirts, including short shorts, skirts, and dresses. Well, I do wear skirts only in school because basically it’s required. Also, I am an ultimate geek mainly because I am very obsessed with video games. Nevertheless, I am pretty close to being an anti-social or introvert. The reason why is because in my school, there is more girls in my batch while most of the girls there are gaga over girly-girl stuff which makes them trendsetters. Er- you get the picture. I am far more different than every one of those girls. I have a bestfriend who is a girly-girl and I don’t really mind to be proficiently honest. I wanted to wear those clichΓ© frilly dresses at some point in my life whenever I feel isolated with my situation. I don’t really know what I am supposed to feel because I know some people get unnerved with me just because I am different with my style, hobbies, likes, etc. But then, I am NOT attracted with girls. That’s because I am inevitably attracted with guys even at my situation. I fangirl over guy celebrities and sometimes, I crush on some reachable people in my case. I am thankful for being a girl but I don’t really know if people accept me for who I am. I know I act like a boy most of the time but that doesn’t mean that that reason is an excuse for people to push me away from their lane and build a wall between me and the society. What is with the society anyway? I just want to be me and be accepted for who I am and not be isolated.


Hey peeps I’m 14 and I’ve been a tomboy practically all my life.I love to play and have,like, three different gaming consoles.i love football and soccer,and am pretty good at them!😜
I’m a Muslim ,and I get into fights wid my mom a lot for being different.cuz, in my religion we girls gotta stick with ppl of our gender n stuff.but who cares? I got liberty for that,ryt? And to some tomboys who think boys won’t like them, ur wrong cuz boys think we are absolutely sexy.don’t believe me?google it.kay bye!πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ»


Hi, I’m a tomboy. I have short hair and wear boys clothes. I’m also pretty flat chested which I’m thankful for! People think I’m a boy, like everywhere I go but I don’t really mind that. When they find out I’m actually a girl, they apologise and feel so guilty like they’ve offended me (which is annoying) but I’m not offended. In fact, to me it’s kinda a compliment because I’m achieving the look I’m going for. I’ve recently started a drama club and everybody there thinks I’m a guy. I’ve just been accepting it as I always do and what has worked for many years, just pretend you are a boy (it helps cus my name is unisex). But if we do shows and things we’ll have to get changed which will be very awkward (I said I’m pretty flat chested, not completely). It’s really hard for me to say “guys, I’m actually a girl” especially because I want to hang out with more guys so they become friends with me quicker if they think I’m also a guy. I feel like I don’t fit in at school so I hang around with some not-so-girly girls but tey still gossip about boys and talk about make up which is torture!! I try to forget about my gender sometimes but I know I can’t. I need someone to help me be able to have the courage to say who I am and not be afraid of not making friends because I’m ‘different’.
I hope that people can relate to my story I can reassure others that you’re not alone :) #tomboysarethecoolgirls